Wednesday, September 27, 2006

He Pastures His Flock Among the Lillies...

There is something in the Song of Songs that is sexier than porn, sexier than beautiful movie stars, as sexy as my Master's hand twined in my hair.
"I am my beloved and my beloved is mine"
And I am feeling clean and lovely, and I am not wearing a bra, which is only a rare thing for me yet. I now love the feeling of my breasts moving bellow my tanktop, I love the look of them, unshaped, shapely in the mirror. I am pleased with my collarbones and my long thin arms. Many things, at this moment, are pleasing to me, in a strange, sexy, biblical and lonely sort of way.

So, not actually a BDSM post, but not one I could put in my vanilla LJ, either.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Last night at 12:30 we decided that maybe we weren't so tired after all.

Yesterday day we found Wow, says I! And it's like the shibari switch has been clicked. Why let him do all the tying? He may have more know-how now, but I can learn, and if I actually stop and take the time to tie him up, I'm fine at it.

So, I tie him up with his knees bent and tied to the center-beam, thus that he cannot move this.
He retaliates by tying me up with my legs suspended, but my back lying on the bed.

He gets home late. We eat some frenchfries.

And then we do our first full suspension.

It wasn't a scene, I was fully clothed. There were rope bands at my ankles, knees, at each thigh where they meet my body, around my lower waist, and I believe one above and one below my breasts, though I might be making one up. The two thigh bands were tied to the one near my hips, so that the weight was at my center of gravity, over my hips.

It took two pulleys and a fair amount of thinking and reworking, but I spent perhaps five minutes suspended a foot above the bed.

I can't really describe the rush. We just felt so accomplished and fabulous and I got to swing around and it was great. More tonight, probably... we want to practice alot over the bed, making sure we're comfortable with bands and weight distribution and everything, because if we take half an hour or an hour doing the tying and getting me up for a few minutes every night or so, in two weeks we can probably do it at our party.


Rope enthusiasts reading this blog, write in with questions or comments, or if you want to see the pictures. They're not great, but they're something.

Final notes: more rope will be useful, so that the bands are wider, and if we're going to do it for any length of time over 5 minutes, we'll need to find some way to hold my head up.

In anycase, we've started, and it's great, and I simply can't wait to do more!

Friday, September 15, 2006


Y'know what's fun? Domming.
Y'know what's silly? How incredibly difficult it was for My pet to pick up even the simplest lessons. How hard is "Don't give advice unless you're uncomfortable or I ask for it?" Apparently, really hard.
But it's ok. The more he fucked up, the more I got to hit him.
Bad pets = good pets. Isn't that funny?

It was a very intense scene. He should tell you about it sometime.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Handcuffs and bootblacking

He was Master and I was pet. He told me to come to him without my panties or my bra, so I went down to his room through the house knowing in an odd sort of way that I was naked under my clothes (I am a girl who always has her undies on). He had me pick toys out of the toy box that I wanted to play with (I picked various restraints, the handcuffs, a feather) and then he had me point at every one of our impact toys and say where I wanted it. That's three floggers, a carriage whip and a crop.
Then we got started.
He cuffed my hands in front of me and he had pushed my shirt up over my breasts and unzipped my pants, but left it there. It was difficult for me, this sort of disarray, with my pants constantly slipping down over my ass and my breasts jutting awkwardly from beneath my bunched up tanktop. He teased me a bit, obviously, and then he had me get onto the floor and black his boots. Which I did as best I could in the cramped position and poor light. Bootblacking is still a bit of a struggle: I care much more about the eventual state of his boots than he does. There is no threat of imminent punishment if I don't do a good job, and there is no chance that I wouldn't do a job good enough to please him. Still, I like to make things pretty and I like to be of service, so blacking was fun, especially with the added obstacle of the cuffs connecting my wrists.

Here my memory fails. Somehow my hands got cuffed behind my back, but I'm not sure for what. I think that probably it was so that I could suck his cock. I have a very nice image of kneeling on the floor looking up at him, all disarrayed, and sucking his cock, hands cuffed behind my back, while he fists his hands in my hair and moves my head back and forth as he likes it.
I hope that really happened.

At some point it began to hurt to kneel (I twisted my ankle recently, and it's been giving me some trouble) so I asked him if I could lie down. He said yes, which I did, on the cuffs. He said something I couldn't hear, and then repeated it: I was to roll over. I hadn't known it, but lying on handcuffed wrists is a good way to injure yourself. In the end he uncuffed me and had me strip and put on restraints. Then he blind folded me and restrained me, spread eagled on the bed, and started hitting me. I know that at some point in the night he had me spread eagled face down, and that he hit me with the a flogger that we made by unraveling nylon rope and knotting the little ends (a sting and a thunk, all at once), and I know that he smacked me with the crop and with the flick, and I know that at some point in the night I was spread eagled face up and that the flick was on my breasts, as was a small flogger, and I know that at some point I was on my hands and knees, but I cannot at this point remember what the order was.

Oh! I remember a huge portion. I think before any of the spread eagle-ing, He clipped my ankel restraints together and atached them to a rope attached to a pulley attached to the hook in the center bar of the bed, and then he clipped my wrist restraints together around them, and pulled on the rope. So I was lying on my back with my nethers in the air. I recall a fair amount of crop use in this position. It was very, very nice.
Less nice was the bit of anal play we did. I decided I wanted to give it another go, based, oddly enough, on my most recent visit to the gyno. She had done a rectal exam, which I'd never had before. And, oddly enough, it wasn't uncomfortable at all. So I thought, Ok, Boy's interested, let's go ahead and try it.
My gyno has much smaller fingers than my Boy. On the other hand, she also had a thick gel lube, which is said to make quite a bit of difference. So I'm figuring I'll get a small thing of good lube (I can use it on him if nothing else) and we'll give it one more go.

Anyway, in the end he fucked me, spread eagled and face down, a position that I like because I feel so surrounded by him. And then he called me lover, and it was very nice indeed. A real scene.

Boy is starting to push me painwise. I called Yellow maybe three or four times last night, and that was good. I'm really glad I'm able to do that now. It's nice to have the edge there. The SM aspect is rising a bit, and I'm comfortable with that. What I'd really like is to see teh D/s aspect rise more. I'm not sure how that could happen. I'll have to ask the Boy what sort of headspace he's in when I'm Domming.
One very nice thing I saw people doing at the party was pushing incredibly hard, and rather than being cruel Masters/Mistresses, helping their pet along. Like, it hurts and I know it hurts, but look at me. I care about you. Depend on me, I will not injure you. I will take care of you.

I'm not sure there's anything we can or might be doing that would work like that. It takes either constant communication or the Top really knowing what they're about.

Anyhow. All random thoughts.
It was a good scene. It's my turn now.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Fun for the whole family, it seems. We ran our little workshop, and indeed, it was little. But it was very nice! People came and practiced some basic stuff, I met the new folkes who saw our fliers and e-mailed us, life worked out well. It was alot of fun, if a little disorganized. Today, at some point, we meet and discuss such things as when we will hold our first party.
We are discovering that administrative duties are hard.
BUT! We took a bunch of kids on a fieldtrip to our favorite toy store, and I very nearly bought a steel-boned leather corset, and then didn't because it was almost five hundred dollars and didn't fit quite right, even if it did make my waist little like I were a wasp. We did buy a carriage whip type thing, and our friend bought a cybergoth shirt, and I bought two pair of suspender pantyhose, which were not as nice as I wanted them to be, alas.
The whip, though, is just exactly as nice as I wanted it to be. It is very stingy, which I love, and brings me to calling Yellow in a way that I can accept. Sting, Sting STING STING TOO MUCh and then I call Yellow and it goes away, which is neat. If I got to the point of calling Yellow with something like spanking, the pain'd just stick around and be no fun for anybody.
But I like the whip.
That said: We. Need. To. Scene.
I miss it. I get really excited about it when we plan it at 10:00, and then when we stumble up stairs at 3:00 I'm usually at least somewhat altered, and incredibly tired, and I can't face the hour or more of it, I just want to collapse.
And at the end of the night, after another sort of pseudo-scene and what is invariably really great sex, I still miss it. I miss Domming as well as subbing, but either way sometime in the next... well, tonight. Maybe tomorrow, latest, we need to go up stairs before the fun is over, and make some of our own. I want emotion. I want set up. I want a reallio truelio scene.
All that said, yesterday was a fabulous day, and life is going very well, even if I am all crazy and emotional, and I'm sure everything will be fine forever and ever.
Also, this is the third post since last the Boy even commented. I vote everybody else who reads this writes in and tells him how remiss he's been.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Party for the People

So, another party at MM's has come and gone, and it was a blast man. I do not return, this time, with stories of impressive scenes I ran or he ran. We wandered around, we played with the arm binder, I dressed like a school girl, he tied me up and I wandered around some more and had pretty rope burns the next day. But no long scenes, and I didn't Dom at all (because I was dressed like a bloody schoolgirl).
So, not much scening, why was it a blast? Because we hung out with the people who we're getting to know. Acquaintances are beginning to become friends, if friends of a very specialized sort. That's neat. We joked alot, and hung out in the kitchen drinking coffee, and watched scenes, which is always a blast. We've decided to bring ideas with us to the next one, so that we have a few scenes we know we want to do or things we know we want to play with. There was maybe a little too much aimless meandering, this party.
Still, a blast.
On the home front, the club is coming along nicely. We are getting e-mails back, and are on our way to setting up a workshop. We have interest! They're not breaking down the door (or, y'know, the server) but they are e-mailing. So, that's a success and not yet a headache, which is always good.
And... we need to get back into doing scenes. We have this big ole bed, and a billion ideas of stuff we wanna do, and it's all getting pushed back because by the time we get to the bed we are hardly awake enough to screw. I figure once our sleep schedules even out, we'll be alot better.

Other news from the underground: I probably mentioned at some point that I recently discovered the multiple orgasm. It's nice (Brittish talent for understatement, much?). But I've decided that there are grades of orgasms. Orgams that come three times in one instance of intercourse are grade B orgasms. Orgasms where my Boy has done nothing whatever but tease me for the past two hours and then finally lets me get off and I wind up shaking and clutching at stuff and far, far too sensitive to be touched are grade A orgasms. The orgasms my friend says she gets every time somebody touches her in one particular spot (on her back, you pervs) are, if anything, grade F orgasms. Maybe.

And? When used properly, and inflatable but plug is a really neat thing in a cunt, as well. It's the inflate/deflate sensation, not the huge size it gets to, that's really cool.

And I learned how to give a handjob, finally. If you're curious, ask the Boy. He needs to write more anyhow.