Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Naughty Pets

I have a naughty pet.
Very naughty indeed.
You would think that he would be able to follow such a simple instruction. All I told him was that he was not to cum without permission.
But no. Even this, ever so simple command he could not follow.
To be fair to him, he was full up with my big red silicone cock, and I'd spent the better part of an hour just teasing him, and every stroke was hitting his prostate, and I was in the process of trying to get rid of the extra lube on my had by rubbing it off on his ridiculously rigid cock.
So I can see how he might have been having a little trouble.
He was writhing, and moaning, and gasping, and then as if surprised he suddenly begged Me to cum, and I of course said no because we'd only just begun, but alas, it was too late, and he was rigid and twitching and exploding over My hand and his stomach and the message written there.
Oh, yes. The message.
That night I took My glass nib pen and My green ink and wrote a message to the world on My pet. It said "I am an object. I belong to my Mistress..." it was longer, and detailed how the only thing important to him was serving Me, etc.
It was quite nice.
Still. He is a very, very naughty pet, and next time we do this I will take it out of his hide.
The going rate has been thirty lashes.
He can take it.

And I must say I'm rather proud. It's sort of nice to know that I can bring him to the point where he simply cannot help himself. Though, having better control would have been better. Ah, well.

It was a good night. I like domming. It's starting to come naturally.
Of course, I like subbing too. Somehow it's been like forever and a day since my boy ran a long involved scene. We did one recently, and it was quite nice, but I know he can do better... I think he thinks he's forgotton how to do it.
You haven't. Have a bit of faith. I do.

A few last notes, gentle readers: 1) my boy has most of a blog entry written and waiting in the drafts folder, so with any luck that'll be posted at some point
2)my boy has missed these steamy blog entries, as I'm sure have you, so I should be posting more often. And, of course, boy will add witty commentary religiously.

(naughty, naughty pet)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Things that make me smile

So here I am, doing what I don't have time to do. I've a paper due Thursday (and another bigger one the Thursay after), a huge party to put on tomorrow night, classes aren't done, my parents are visiting Wednesday, Thursday once I've handed in the paper I've got another workshop, Saturday I'm travelling, and the 200 person banquet I'm planning, is, I realize, in two weeks.
Other things I don't have time to do right now? Have sex. But I don't care. I was running a fever of a hundred last night that I'm simply battling down, and I have work and my boy has work, but it's only going to get worse in the next few days, and we haven't had sex for almost three. Which is a long time.
So, Pet, if you're reading this, which you're not, I will fucking beat you down and make you scream tonight, because we both need it so bloody much right now.
I love you, and I'm going to fucking dominate you. So get ready to give up control (which, honestly, I think you could use to do right about now.)
That said, this entry is actually about something else.
I've been reading kink-oriented books and blogs recently (all courtesy of the lovely boy, who sends along links and such at the rate of about five a day).
And I'm just going to come out and say it right now. I love the kink community. I love it. LOVE it. Because by and large, what you find are people who are much better adjusted, more comfortable with them selves, more open to communication and more in tune with what they really want. Which is great. At various shops and munches and parties I've been to, I've met a group of people who are more open, friendly and inviting, with a better sense of humor and a willingness to relax than I've ever found in any unified group, ever before.
And while we are united in our love of kink, that term covers a huge, huge range. My partner and I aren't much into S/M, but we're beginning to explore serious D/s, and we love B&D. We're not into pony play, we haven't done much verbal or any physical humiliation, and I'm fairly certain we will never use blades or needles in any serious way. We like the mind games, we do. But other people do everything from full on suspension to needle play to in-scene peircing to boot blacking to branding to animal play to golden showers, and we all sort of just say, hey, that's cool. I'd love for you to tell me about it sometime, even if I'm not willing to try it myself.
Every truly marginalized sexual practitioner bands together, even if they're nothing alike, at all. (I say truly marginalized because homosexuality is certainly a marginalized sexual practice, but it's a rather different thing).
And what we are outside of kink could be, well anything. I'm reading about Live Action Role Players, and about Bi-Dyke illustrators, and about housewives. And the fact that there are people who probably first met because they were both in the Scene, and now bond over their ripening vegetables, the fact that we love baseball and folk music and motorcycles and swimming. I love the variety of a group of people who are united by something that is, itself, variety.
Which is to say that, perhaps, the thing that unites the kink community, more than anything else, is the attitude. The mutual respect, the humor, the acceptance, the comfort. We're different people, and even within the realm of kink we do very different things, but we've all got that air about us.
And it's fucking fabulous.
So here's to the rope-makers and the toy shop managers, here's to my friend who's so good at shibari, here's to the Masters and the Mistresses and the slaves and the pets, here's to the professionals and to the soccer moms and to the single-tail enthusiasts, here's to you for having the guts to read this, here's to me for having the guts to write it, and here's to my boy, for being the first one to want to tie me down as much as I wanted to be tied down, for every crazy rigging he's ever put up on my fabulous eye-hook festooned bed, for every time he's gotten into my head, for every unexpected orgasm, for every time he's knelt at my feet looking like the sweetest little pet ever grace this good eart, for every time he's whimpered "Missstressss", for every experiment we've ever done together and for eating icecream with me afterwards.

I'm overworked and freaked out and possibly sick, but I just realized that the world is a good place, and about twenty times better because it's full o' kink.

Yay, kink. It makes me smile.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Consider these two girls

Consider the eyes that look at you in the dark
And their trust
Consider the round breasts
The pink nipples
The unfree arms, the legs
Consider this body that is Yours, when it is yours
And don't you want to own it?
Look at this girl,
Look at these soft curves,
This belly and these thighs
Don't you want to stake your claim,
Pin these bones and skin and flesh down to the mattress
Move within this girl
This body
And again
As this body moves against you
And the confines you have made
Don't you want to leave your mark
Printed on that flesh, still felt next morning
Don't you want to know she won't forget
In the day
In the afternoons
That in the night
This body belongs to You,
This creature is in Your power
And Your protection?
Consider it

And look again
Consider Her power and Her strength
Consider the beauty that you gasp at
All the parts, all the beautiful parts
And the whole you cannot possibly deserve
The legs that tower above you
The breasts that swell frim from her chest
The eyes you are priviledged to meet
Consider these hands
Hands that touch your skin
And grasp your hair
And run along you like lines of fire
Hands that guide you
And don't you crave their touch
Don't you burn for them
And from them
Don't they make you burn?
Consider her mouth
Her small, angular mouth
Her lips, her tongue
And her words, careful, intricate, cutting little words
Consider her taking you,
Moving within you,
And again
Claiming you
That firm inside of you
Until the light that grows within your brain breaks and you crumble
Into those waiting arms

Consider these two girls
And consider the third
Girl in her jeans
Cotton tanktops
Girl full of folk music
They're inside her all the time
Every moment, every time those eyes
Eyes from the dark
Eyes full of power
Look at you
Consider this dichotomy, trichotomy
See them both,
See us all
Whenever you see me

Monday, May 01, 2006

Boot Blacking

What a satisfying thing to do. Not as sexy as it could be, yet, but still a job well done for my Master. (well enough, anyhow.)
In the interest of sending subtle messages, I wonder what it would be like, boot blacking or boot worship or body worship, in-scene? It's awfully fun, I know, to look down at him when he's my pet, to see him kiss my boot and look up from under his lashes.
Breathtaking sight. I wonder what the view's like from that angle.

And it's nice to have somebody I can kiss passionately when the little people on the TV kiss eachother passionately.

And he's started wearing a ring in his hair for shibari, and I've gotten back to wearing the chain around my wrist.
Well, we can be cute, I suppose, so long as nobody but us notices very much, and we make sure we're appropriately twisted at the same time.

And when did I start running workshops? This blog still calls itself the 'beginnings' off bdsm sexuality.

Radom-thought-girl out