Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Naughty Pets

I have a naughty pet.
Very naughty indeed.
You would think that he would be able to follow such a simple instruction. All I told him was that he was not to cum without permission.
But no. Even this, ever so simple command he could not follow.
To be fair to him, he was full up with my big red silicone cock, and I'd spent the better part of an hour just teasing him, and every stroke was hitting his prostate, and I was in the process of trying to get rid of the extra lube on my had by rubbing it off on his ridiculously rigid cock.
So I can see how he might have been having a little trouble.
He was writhing, and moaning, and gasping, and then as if surprised he suddenly begged Me to cum, and I of course said no because we'd only just begun, but alas, it was too late, and he was rigid and twitching and exploding over My hand and his stomach and the message written there.
Oh, yes. The message.
That night I took My glass nib pen and My green ink and wrote a message to the world on My pet. It said "I am an object. I belong to my Mistress..." it was longer, and detailed how the only thing important to him was serving Me, etc.
It was quite nice.
Still. He is a very, very naughty pet, and next time we do this I will take it out of his hide.
The going rate has been thirty lashes.
He can take it.

And I must say I'm rather proud. It's sort of nice to know that I can bring him to the point where he simply cannot help himself. Though, having better control would have been better. Ah, well.

It was a good night. I like domming. It's starting to come naturally.
Of course, I like subbing too. Somehow it's been like forever and a day since my boy ran a long involved scene. We did one recently, and it was quite nice, but I know he can do better... I think he thinks he's forgotton how to do it.
You haven't. Have a bit of faith. I do.

A few last notes, gentle readers: 1) my boy has most of a blog entry written and waiting in the drafts folder, so with any luck that'll be posted at some point
2)my boy has missed these steamy blog entries, as I'm sure have you, so I should be posting more often. And, of course, boy will add witty commentary religiously.

(naughty, naughty pet)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

religiously, Mistress.
apologies from your disobedient pet.

1:27 AM  

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