Sunday, March 26, 2006


Blood gets everywhere.
Don't worry. I'll explain in a second.
Last night my partner and I did our first fantasy rape scene. I think there will be a few more in the future... I like struggling, you know, and not being a nice Pet every once in a while, and as we saw the night he made me cry, he's got some desires and issues about serious power and control that could use a bit of working out. So it was hot and sweater and I covered him with bite marks and said no alot, and fought...
And it was a very strange way of doing it, because it was more our usual routine plus struggling than anything else. No rapist forces his victem's legs apart so he can lick her clitoris, and no SMART rapist forces his cock down his victems throat. At least not unles he's got a good bit of backup, or, y'know, a ring-gag. The ring-gag would have been smart.
In anycase, it was a good, sweaty sort of time. And then my partner raised his head and asked me something in a growl, I forget what, and I said "You're covered in blood."
Well, he was.
And so was I, for that matter. Somewhere mid-rape, I hope not because I kicked him in the nose, he had gotten a nosebleed. Who knows, maybe he was just that excited. He's been known to get them before... one time I woke him up in the morning to find his face and bed covered in spots of blood, when he got a nosebleed in the night.
Of course, he didn't notice the nose bleed, and I wasn't noticing much of anything, but then he looked up all bloody, and I just cracked up, and a second later realized large portions of my mostly naked body, and his, were also smeared with blood. It was impressive.
So we stopped, and laughed, and cleaned ourselves up a bit, and cuddled and discussed how it was going... and then started back up again. It wasn't till after the scene ended that I realized what that meant. A nose bleed! We were covered in blood! It was ridiculous! And we were comfortable enough with playing, with the scene and with eachother to start up a rape scene again.
I don't know about you, but speaking as a girl who at one point could hardly look at the boy (not this boy) who was fucking her, that's just pretty fucking awesome, is what it is. Pretty fucking awesome.
Anyway, back to the scene. There was "rape", and I'm going to add wearing a condom to the list of things most rapists don't do. I got very confused, and did alot of shouting that was along the lines of "No! NO NO! YES!! YES!! NO!!". Which was fun. I think the fore-play-rape was probably more fun than the sex-rape for my partner, because after a while he looked down and said "How about I stop being your "rapist" and start being your Master?" and I agreed.
Rough sex with no lube hurts alot... which is ok. I got to suck him off, which I used to do all the time. For a long time playing, for us, consisted of perfecting the art of giving eachother head. It was great. I missed it, a bit.
Then he tied me to a chair and teased me with tongue and vibrator, the bastard.
And teased me.
And teased me.
And so I came. And came.
And then we stumbled to the bed and there was a little more teasing and a little more coming and then we curled up and it was good.
And we're buying groceries later tonight, so it appears all is right with the world.
During the next week or so we are going to finish planning and setting up and holding our very own largescale play part, and sometime before that I'm going to fuck is ass with my pretty strapon, because I like that sort of thing and so does he.
Just giving you all a heads up.


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