Sunday, February 19, 2006


Today I stumbled out of bed at 1:oo PM and went to wake my partner. Then we got into the car, stopped for coffee, drove half an hour and wound up at a bowling alley.
We were there for a munch, a meeting of a local BDSM group that doesn't involve play, so much as hanging out, meeting people and talking.
We were a little bit nervous.
When I say a little bit nervous, I mean my parter was so stiff you could have made shingles out of him, and I slipped into Nice Sub mode, staring at the floor and letting him introduce me to people.
Then we'd been introduced. It didn't take long to relax.
We met lifestyle couples, we met people who were there on their own, we met Doms and Dommes and Subs and Switches, and everybody was just really cheerful and friendly happy to see us, ready to assure us that with them, anything goes. They were all a fair amount older, but they were interesting and interested and nice, and it was great just to be around people who made BDSM jokes. The shared sense of humore really brought it around.
They've got a playspace, and their parties are the first Saturday of every month, so in a few weeks you'll be reading about our next little outing.
All in all, what could have been awkward and scary, was relaxed and welcoming... it reminded me, as much as anything, of a Church gathering (well, maybe UU).
Also, my partner won a beautiful glass buttplug/dildo in a free raffle, which was great, and we got free pizza and soda.
I'm happy. Tired as sin, but there are energy beverages to be consumed, and work to be done, and later on tonight, we'll play.


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