Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Well, Well, Well

It turns out I'll be seeing my partner sooner than expected. Mostly in our capacity as friends. I will be very surprised if we manage to get any playing in, considering time and company constraints. Of course, considering this is my partner and I, I'll be very surprised if we don't manage to get any playing in, too.
And one way or the other, a good time shall be had by all.
But not like that, you pervs.

Still. It's been a bit hasn't it, Pet?
Have you been missing me? Oh, I know we need the time apart, but we're aproaching a week without touching. That's a stretch for us, isn't it, and especially wiith the apparent knowledge of so much longer left to go...
If I were there, Pet, I would dominate you. I feel the sort of cool calm that makes me want to take control of situations, of people. I would use those lovely leather wrist restraints, and I would tie you, wrists apart, on your back. I would kneel on your chest and make you beg for me to touch you, and because I am such a kind mistress, Pet, I would oblige.
I would stroke the insides of your arms, and I would kiss up your neck to bite your earlobes. I would kiss you hard on the mouth, bite your bottom lip, pull at you. I would consume you, Pet.
I would run my hands over you from collar bone to pelvic bone, I would kiss the insides of your hips, lick and bite the spots that make you catch your breath there. I would pinch your nipples, and lick slow circles around them.
I would lick and bite and kiss a line down the center of your chest, starting at your mouth and going on down past your navel.
I would run my naked breasts over your cock, gently, softly, and I would make you look at me as I did so.
I would make a little line of bites from the inside of your knee to the crease between your leg and your body, and then go up the other leg. I would run my fingers up the same path, very softly, very gently, and then I would scratch the same line, hard and fast.
And then, when you were straining, when your cock was twitching and you couldn't take it anymore, I would take you into my mouth, Pet. Slowly. Centimeter by centimeter, I would suck you in, I would lick you down, I would work you over and I would make you beg. Hot and wet and tight, I would run my tongue in zigzags and circles up the base and shaft of you, I would build a rhythm, I would swivel my head, and I would take you so deep into my throat you thought it wasn't possible.
You know what I can do, Pet.
And I would do it all.
I would lick and suck and push two well lubed fingers into you, slowly, one at a time untill they were both in, and I would crook them and twist the just so, untill you bucked and moaned and begged me to let you come, just begged me, called me Mistress and gasped so you could barely get out the words.
And Pet?
I would deny you.
I would ease up, I would pull back, I would tease you.
And then I would lunge again, bring you back to that brink and you would ask me again Please Mistress Please May I Come
And I would say NO. Not yet, Pet, not just yet, and I would tease you a little more, flick my tongue over the tip of your cock, get you to moan those high pitched little moans that I do so love to hear, and I would build it up. A little more, a little deeper, a little faster, a little more, a little deeper, a little faster until once again you begged me, begged me to please let you come.
And I would let you. Because I am a kind mistress.

Are you there, Pet? Are you at that point?
You will be.

Happy Holidays.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you, Mistress... you are indeed kind. And you can still have control from five hundred miles away.
But you're also forgetful... I'm happy to be your Pet some of the time. The rest of the time, you're mine to play with.
As you well know, I like to be in control, and you like to submit. And submit you will, Pet. There's a learning curve for dominance, I'm finding, and I think I'm beginning to get the hang of it. You'll find out, either way.

2:50 AM  
Blogger Switch said...

Ladies and Gentleman, a switch in action.

3:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Ladies and Gentleman (there's only one?) unfortunately (for them, at least) missed most of the action. Good cybersex is something to be proud of.

5:07 PM  
Anonymous maymay said...

The best thing about good cybersex is that it's archived forever and ever. And those of us who have the time, the knowledge, and the interest, get to read all the logs. ;)

3:24 PM  

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