Sunday, December 18, 2005


Everyone's A Little Bit Kink

I've always been told I have a nice head of hair. It's thik and sort of wavy, shiny and for the past four or five years has been a dark reddish purple, most of the time. I keep it varying lengths of short, from long-enough-for-pigtails-but-not-a-ponytail to barrets-behind-my-ears to so short I can't do anything at all with it. It tends to be sort of swingy and layered and generally crazy. It does what it likes, and as I tend not to disagree, I leave it alone.

I've realized recently that my hair is very, very good for pulling. Almost without fail, anytime a boy gets into a remotely sexual situation with me, their hand twines into my hair and pulls me back, forward, to the side. It's possible it's just that it's short and I wear it down, so unlike with a ponytail it is always easily pullable, or it's possible that for longer than I was consciously into the Scene I sent out Test-Me vibes, but I think really, everybody's a little bit kink.

Because I boy I danced with in an only very vaguely sexual manner had his hand in my hair pulling me back into a dip within 20 seconds of dancing. Because a boy I snogged illicitly had my body arched back so far I could barely hold myself up. Because a boy who's so vanilla he puts Aryan Jesus to shame had a vice grip on my head when we kissed. Because my play partner has been pulling me into and out of kisses by the stuff since before he'd even bought his own restraints.

It's the same thing as ever. Almost nobody's averse to a little wrist-pinning. There's always that power play, always that give-and-take. BDSM takes it further, perhaps, but in alot of ways it's simply more honest. Most of the time sex isn't just a sweet bodily communion, a slow-building perfectly equal union of body and soul.
It's power and it's lust and it's hot and it's sweaty and it's deeply and invariably carnal, and even if you've never thought about wanting to be called Master, you know there are times when you've felt like you were one.

So pull my hair, I'll pin your wrists, we'll growl at eachother and bite eachother's necks.
And maybe you'll fold your arms behind your back sometime, and maybe I'll oh-so-casually leave my restraints by the bed, and sooner or later, whoever you are, you'll realize you're just like me.

Everybody is, more or less.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"i like the way you still say please/while you're looking up at me" -nickelback, figured you out.
i wonder if there's a difference between people who start to like kink due to actually playing in the bedroom and people who start to like it from reading stories and looking at porn.
& doesn't everyone at one point or another fantasize about just being passionately taken, without much say in the matter?

11:22 PM  

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