Thursday, December 08, 2005

About the Eyehooks

There are seven of them, around my bed right now. I have the good fortune of having a loft for my bed, but I put the mattress (totally without thinking about this added benefit) underneath it. This leaves me with six strong two-by-fours around my bed, and a just-at-standing-height ceiling over top of it.
This was at the beginning of the year, when B&D was barely a twinkle in my lover's eye. As we got more rough-and-tumble in bed, though, the possibilities of the posts around my bed became more striking.
The first two eyehooks I bought went into the two-by-fours at the top corners of the bed. Wrist-restraints. Worked out quite nicely. As we grew comfortable with that and ready to experiment more I added two at the bottom corners, for ankles -- we still don't use them very much. In fact, we don't use them as often as I'd like to. I was surprised at how much I enjoy spread-eagled, all-limbs-tied sex. I thought that the position wouldn't work very well, but in the end I was fairly overwhelmed.
After the ankle-restraint eyehooks, I added one in the middle at the top of the bed, raised slightly, for wrist-together bondage, and one in the middle at the center of the bed, for lying the other way along it or for ankles-together restrainment. Thus far, that one doesn't get used very much. In fact, I'm not sure I can recall ever having used it -- I'm seriously condsidering the possibility of moving it, but my partner has some ideas about other ways it could be used, so we'll just have to see.
Finally, there's one good, strong eyehook screwed into the cieling (what would be the bottom of the bed-lofting, in a two-by-four support). This was the most recent addition, and a wonderful addition it has been. Although it's basically too short for standing and to high for kneeling, with the clever use of bondage rope, or any other sort of cord really, you can create a loop for a handle, or tie wrists together and then give some slack before tying to the hook. What you have is your sub, arms up, on their knees, with enough leeway to be pulled towards you or pushed away. It's a wonderful sight.
So there it is. Seven eyehooks around my bed, a myriad of postions to tie and be tied into.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, there's certainly little opportunity for complaint vis-a-vis the position of the ceiling hook, (though a slightly more comfortable handle is something to think about).
just started thinking a bit about toys and scenes for thursday... hope you're doing the same.

5:48 AM  
Anonymous maymay said...

Ever the utilitarian when it comes to city living, I purchased a $1,400 platform bed upon moving into my new apartment. This bed, while it worked wonders the amount of storage space in my small Manhattan abode, was rather useless when it came to more creative ways of being bedded by my bed-mates.

Thankfully, with some recent acquisitions made at The Home Depot (aka. Kinky Sex Hardware Incorporated), some new possibilities have emerged.

3:39 PM  

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