Thursday, December 08, 2005


An advisory post: This is my other journal. It is the one about the things I do at night, in my room, with my play-partner, wrist-restraints, bondage rope, blind folds, ice, a flogger, a leather strap, a butt-plug, and lube.
A year ago I was not comfortable with being tied down, by anyone, at all. I was perhaps excited by the idea, but I wasn't comfortable with it.
Alot has changed in a year, and I have a feeling alot will continue to change. This blog is about my growth and exploration of B&D, D/s, and to a lesser extent S&M sexuality.
Another note: I identify as a switch, as does my play-partner. That means sometimes he calls me mistress and sometimes I call him sir. This is not "The Story of O". This is an equal relationship where the power is handed back and forth.
All that said and done, over the past few months BDSM has become something I think alot about. It's a hobby as much as a form of sexuality, and this should be an interesting blog about everything from the expansion of comfort, new things I've tried, how I feel about fetish wear, etc. etc. It won't be erotica, but it won't be vanilla, either.


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apparently it's something Jorge Rivas is thinking about too:

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