Friday, December 09, 2005


A funny fact of biology: by and large, unless there's some serious birthcontrolling going on, once a month women bleed out of their vaginas for a few days running.
This is not problem for everybody. Many women, I've heard, just keep on trucking. If you're a full-time mistress, you can just tell your slave to ignore it and they'll go right ahead.
I'm a switch, and also find that rather icky, so for three to five (guaranteed) nights a month, I'm a no-action-please top.
Which has a world of merits of its own.
It's very interesting to go into a scene knowing that it's not just going to center around your sub and bottom, it's going to be all about him. No touching you, no playing with you, just you taking your time to make him squirm, gasp, moan and plead.
Considering the negotiations that went on before last night's scene, the restraints went on almost as an afterthought. My partner and I play often enough that he knows when I'm on my period because it means that things have to change for a few days, so it was no surprise to him that I would be doing the topping. It might have come as something of a surprise when I let him know how indepth I intended to go, but it might not have.
Before we used restraints regularly, in fact very early into playing with eachother, my partner got into the habit of folding his arms behind his back and lying on them when I gave him head. It's an easy little form of self-restraint, and I noticed last night as I was beginning that he had already done so, probably without even thinking about it.
I very kindly offered to tie him up, and he thanked me.
Then we really got started. Notes on last night are as follows: silk (actually, I'm embarrassed to say, it's 100% rayon, but it's very nice) is lovely. Silk wrapped very lightly around a restrained boy's cock is lovelier still.
Anal play needs alot of lube. My partner and I have been shifting through lubes at an alarming rate. We didn't always use it, but there are times, often when we're having sex for the second time in a night, or particular positions, etc., that it has chaffed enough to interfere with my enjoyment, and so I suggested we get some. Niave little thing that I was, I'd been intrugued by TV comercials for KY Warming Liquid. Warming? That sounds exciting, says I. No. Do not buy this product, kids. It's not very smooth, it doesn't last long, and should you occasion to get it in your mouth, it tastes utterly vile. I think the warming process has something to do with it -- it tastes like chemicals and spice. Next we bought a thicker, flavored lube, California Fantasies Razzels Warming Liquid in Kissable Cherry flavor. We were trying to avoid warming, but it was what we could find that was relatively inexpensive and flavored. It's thicker, smoother, and lasts longer, but it's stil no great prize and it tastes like chemical cough syrup. I think we're going back to good old fashioned Astroglide. It doesn't taste wonderful, but it can't taste much worse, and it works like charm.
At any rate, the cherry stuff worked well enough for last night. We had approached some level of anal play once before, but I was a bit distracted by goings-on of my own that night, so while pleasant, it was not all that it could have been. I decided to go at it again with a clear head.

Oh. It's worth it at this juncture to mention that anal play is something that happens only when I'm topping. My partner is comfortable with it and enjoys it, and while I'm comfortable with being on the giving end of it, I'm not so sure about the recieving end just yet.

Anyway. Lots of lube. And slow, firm, gentle fingers. One finger in, out, in, then two fingers in, and try not to pay attention to the squirming. It helped to remember to put a pillow under his hips, though my linnens suffered greatly for it. My partner has been more overtly into the scene for longer than I have, so I discovered recently he owns a buttplug already. So that was put to use, and I am impressed at how stretchy the boy is. Again, alot of lube, alot of making sure everything is ok, and going very, very slowly.
Last night proved to be a two-hand-and-mouth job, but the result was breath-taking. Moving the plug somewhat, in and out if possible, while giving head, basically reduced him into a jabbering ball of "Please, Mistress...".
I think he said please more that night than in the three months previous.

A good night, all told.

... Apparently he's going to take control back one of these days. There may be a post on bottoming soon, it seems.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I am impressed at how stretchy the boy is"
On the other side of things, pet, i'm looking forward to seeing that entry on bottoming.

5:21 AM  
Anonymous maymay said...

I have also favored AstroGlide for a long, long time. For anal play, I do usually prefer the traditional KY jelly because it doesn't seem to dry out as quickly and usually when I plugs of various kinds have found their way into my ass they tend to stay there for quite some time.

Alternatively, I am falling in love with Babeland lube, which is of course only sold by Toys in Babeland retail or online outlets. It stays wet and slippery like KY jelly but it doesn't smell or taste like anything at all.

3:46 PM  

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