Thursday, December 22, 2005

Catching Up

It's been a little while. That does not mean I haven't been playing.
Three brief recounts of scenes to tempt your fancy:

I am in control, for the first time in a long time. I haven't topped since the last time I wrote about it. It is good. I hadn't realized how much I needed to be firmly in control of something again. I have an eyehook in what would be the bottom of the loft bed. It's just the right hight to tie up the wrists of a kneeling pet.
I love this eye hook.
I love the sight of my pet, so very helpless and so very exposed. I directed his attention, I refused to let him take his eyes off me as I teased him in every new, creative way I could think of.
Readers, you should have seen his face when I first rubbed his cock, oh-so-gently, along my breasts.

We went to a hotel, for a night. We were going to, and then we weren't, and I was tired and a little put out at the plan not working out -- and then I get a message on the phone. Parking lot, 1:15, overnight bag.
Overwhelmed, a little bit. Further messages instruct me to bring a corsette, my collar, a belt. I am frightened.
And late. The clocks in my room all tell me different times. When I get to the parking lot, I am informed I've already earned myself 3 lashes.
This is all a little intense.
There was some silliness along the way, and by the time the scene actually started I was feeling more at ease, having been reminded that this was my friend and partner, not someone who will hurt me, really.
Still a little intimidated.
It was a nice little scene. We were both quite tired, so it was perhaps not the red-hot night of carnal sin we had envisioned, but it was alot of fun.
We have a spreader bar! I like it. For one thing, it appeals to my practical side -- there is not always something to which you can bind ankles, but spreader bars are nice and portable.
My partner is perhaps too good with rope for his own good.
And yes, I got my three lashes.
I have a feeling we're going to start upping the count. I can't say I mind, either. It is difficult to care much about avoiding such light punishments. We will both be better subs if we are crueler doms, I think.
"Gotta be cruel to be kind."

His parent's house. No toys, just two people trying to be as quite as possible. Kissing, touching. It felt more exploratory than any strange position or new piece of equipment we've tried out. It felt 14. Which was great.
Remember making out with people when you were 14? It was amazing! It was new, and hot, and you had no idea what you were doing but you knew it felt good and you could get caught at any second but you didn't care.
That's what I want. I want that illicit little thrill again. I want to maybe be caught, I want it to be the wrong time in the wrong place but the right feeling so you just don't care.
On a different note -- I've never yet had sex without a condom. I really, really want to. My better judgement infringed, but it won't forever.
I was sorely tempted to throw the rest of caution to the winds, that night. His parents house, naked in the guest bedroom, his father only rooms away -- why worry about a condom? why worry about anything?

So that's it. Three little vignettes, and my partner and I are off to live very, very seperate (hundreds and thousands of miles seperate) lives for a month. This thing will update with thoughts and fantasies, I suppose, and then we'll see.

Informal arrangements being as they are, it's possible you'll all be reading about a whole new branch of exploits.
I've no clue how this will work if I leave my comfortable old play partner behind.

But I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. would be an amazing position with slightly more comfortable cuffs... as is, it's really challenging and good for shorter scenes. definitely gets my attention.
2: we definitely need to try a more punishment-oriented scene or scenes... that's the main area of bdsm we haven't gotten into, it seems. oh, and you need to try some ropework, i think.
3: laundry room.
play safe, if you do, and have fun, and tell me about it.

11:41 PM  
Anonymous maymay said...

The rather voyeuristic nature of reading all of these old entries (and comments) is thrilling in its own right, but not so thrilling as the (admittedly miniscule) knowledge of what has evolved from such early experiences.

Also, punishment scenes are something I have been meaning to write about for quite a while. They are quite the unusual animal, and I've seen couples fail to tame them resulting in nasty bites. But they can also be so deliciously erotic when they work well.

3:30 PM  

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