Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Miss Switch Regales

The first post in the blog was an update on the state of my life, between the year before I got into BDSM, and where I was then.
Really, that was only a few months ago, but with steady play, things have changed.
Not hugely, but I thought I'd catch you all up.

First off, with the advent of more lashings, we've recently added two new eyehooks to be wonderful bed, sticking straight out of the supports for the loft, perhaps two and half feet apart and more than five and half, but not quite six, feet up.
They are anchors for wrist restraints, to be used more or less expressly during lashings (at this point). They work fairly well, but sometimes bend the back in a way that makes it difficult to hit without doing actual damage -- remember, Doms, "No Unintended Pain."

Secondly, my partner and I have started reaching out to a smallish group of like-minded friends and acquaintances. We're looking at area organizations, mostly at talk-only meetings, but also at the possibility of dungeons, clubs, and play. On the home front, we're thinking about the possibility of hosting our first play party. We'll see how that goes.

And, of course, the level of intensity of play grows ever higher.
Toys wise, we currently own:
A flogger, three butt plugs, a ring gag, a ball gag, two sets of wrist restraints, two lengths of bondage-worthy rope, a bullwhip (never been played with, probably never will), two blindfolds, a collar a piece, a leash, a large quantity of clothes pins, several cock rings, various and sundry chains and clips and choke-collars, and my bed, which is, really, a toy in itself.
Oh. And we just obtained a cord flail. Very stingy.

As I mentioned, we will be getting:
A vibrator, a strap on, some nice nipple clamps, a significantly nicer flogger, and light-use suspension cuffs.

It is note on our personalities that the ring gag and cord flail are home made and the clothes pins modified for nipple-clamp ussage by my partner, and I'm making the suspension cuffs myself.

We've also got a bit of a to-do list:
Have sex in our house's laundry room. Have sex in the shower. Have not-sex in the shower (my partner has expressed a desire to come on my naked breasts, and I think the shower is the perfect location for this). In return for this, he's promised me that once we get a vibrator he's going to make me cum and keep me cumming till I absolutely can't stand it anymore.
I, of course, plan on taking him with my brand new strap on, because that's my idea of an absolutely fabulous time.
And we'll see if I can't put that vibrator to use on him, too.

Beyond that, little has changed. We're still very big on the open, honest communication, and constantly working to be better as tops and bottoms, both. We both have a habbit of being very obedient when we're subbing, which makes it somewhat difficult to dom, but, as I'm sure you've noticed, we get along just fine.

I should also mention changes within my head. I read more things as BDSMish than I used to. Recently I was hanging out with a friend of mine in what was, to me, very clearly a submissive (me) and dominant (him) situation. I was wearing my choke chain around my neck, and he grabbed the end and pulled it tight, and generally controlled my movement with it for a while. He was niether particularly attentive to what he was doing nor particularly gentle, probably because he wasn't reading it how I was reading it. He was sitting on a swivel chair, I was seated on the ground (see? He was above me. So clearly D/s), and at one point he hooked my chain to the chair and started to turn. At that point I stopped him and removed the chain from my neck. I remember thinking "My Master would never do that, and if he were here he wouldn't let you do it, either."
So, I've been completely and irreversibly warped. Go me.

And there it is. A general post, and update about how BDSM fits into my life (it fits in about every other night, very nicely, thanks), and where it's going from here.

Sorry if you were expecting erotica. Check back soon, duckies. It's never long with Mistress Switch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i so rarely tell you how well you write.
not to mention how much i enjoy playing with you.
makes me happy.

3:50 AM  

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