Saturday, February 04, 2006

We. Are. Ridiculous.

I had sex yesterday. Surprised, aren't you? Because it's clear to you all from reading this blog that having sex is somethign I do quite seldom.
It had been almost a week. I was on my period, you see, so sex was more or less out of the question.
I was tearing at the walls. Well, actually, I was more or less tearing at my partner. He's got a hicky on his neck from when I pounced him once as soon as the door of his room was closed, and bit his neck until he moaned for me.
Which was great. In a tortuous sort of way.
I'd topped him the way I like to when I'm bleeding, a few days before. Good old fashioned buttplugblowjob, little moaning pet who get's shaky-sleepy afterwards.
Then I sucked him off again, because we'd been snogging watching Rocky Horror and I felt like doing something.
So, yes. It had been a while since he'd topped me.
To tell the truth this wasn't his most effective, but it wasn't his fault. My phone rang three times, and three seperate people pounded on my door. That's enough to ruin an incubus' mood.
Still, it felt good to be subbing again.
My partner and I are both very busy right now, so sex is (somewhat) rarer and certainly more planned. The planned aspect is actually very nice, for two reasons. Number one, we get alot of anticipation pre-scene, and number two, occasionally we find that we've both got an hour at the same time, and have spontaneous, hot, non-scene sex. Which is great.
And speaking of scene vs. non-scene sex, we've started thinking about that a bit. It's impossible to do a full scene every time. There's too much intensity of stimulus, and the domming party seldom gets much sexual enjoyment out of it, because they've got to be on the ball and creative the whole time. So I think we're going to try to do full scenes more occasionally, and plan them out more carefully before hand. Either just the dom/me will plan them, or we'll sit down together and talk them out. Hopefully this will take some of the pressure off of the person in charge, so that we can enjoy the scene as a participant instead of being so carefully in controll.
The flip side of this carefully planned scenework, is that sometimes sex will be basically scene free. As my partner says, it's alot of fun to tie somebody spread eagled to a bed, tease them till they writhe and fuck them senseless. There doesn't need to be anything more than that, and in some ways I think it would be very nice to drop scene while keeping up at least that aspect, so thaht it would be him tying me down (or vice versa) not Master tying down Pet.
Anyhow. The origional point of this entry was to point out that there was once a time when I counted snogging as "getting play", and it was something that happened every few months. Now I get antsy when I've not been fucked properly in a week.

(Again, sorry about the rambling entries, but I do keep the blog for myself, not for you horny boys out there. Still, I think Monday or Tuesday I'll be providing you with some nice sordid details, so stay tuned.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh! ooh! do i get sordid details?
it's always fun to read about them here, and see what you have to say.
mm, rough sex

3:51 AM  

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