Saturday, February 11, 2006

About the Leather

Yesterday my partner and I drove around for hours. Which was fun, in a switching off driving, getting lost but keepin' our spirits up sort of way, and at the end, it all paid off. We found a wonderful little store that sells leather in small pieces, all shapes, all sizes, all different thicknesses and colors and textures. It also sells contact cement, and buckles, and d-rings, and leather needles, and thread. For not-very-much money.
So we bought, and returned, and sat in his room watching first Family Guy and then Blues Brothers, and craftin' toys. Which was fabulous.
Within the next few days, we will have a lovely pair of black leather and deep red faux-fur suspension cuffs, and by the end of last night I had a new collar. My partner made it for me, not as a pledge sort of thing, but mostly because he's the one with the skills to make a nice collar, whereas I've just about got the wherewithall to make suspension cuffs, provided I get to use the contact cement instead of sewing.
Still, being the sort of person I am, I'm glad that my first real collar was made, not bought, and because he is my best friend and my first Scene partner, I'm glad that he was the one to make it.
Last night was generally a very good night. We both had to be up early for our seperate, busy lives this morning, so we made a plan to play early and then smoke a little before bed. I was worried that due to other businesses, this wouldn't happen, but it did.
So, we crafted, and then we played. And by "we played", I mean my master blindfolded me and handcuffed my wrists (very tightly, but I asked for that by slipping my hand out the first time he put them on), and then took the vibrator and tortured me for seriously, like, 7 hours. It was crazy.
And it wasn't 7 hours. Apparently it was only about 15 or 20 minutes, but it felt like forever. It felt like a lifetime of him bringing me to the edge and then backing off and then holding me there but not letting me come so often I lost count, and I was begging for it, just absolutely begging. When I finally came the world flashed white and my body went rigid and I ceased to breath and couldn't open my eyes, and my partner curled around me and gave me something to hold on to as I came down from it, gasping and twitching.
Of course, I wasn't done.
So, I've mentioned before that in addition to my partner's pretty leather cuffs, I have a pair of industrial black-foam and nylong and velcro ones. Recently, when topping (I'll get back to that later), I put them on the legs of a chair in my room, such that the Dom/me, when not topping can sit in the chair and clip the Sub's wrist restraints to the legs, to receive oral sex will still holding the dominant position.
So, once I'd recovered, over we went, and there I knelt, with my head between my partner's knees and my wrists attached to the chair so I was unable to get away, looking up at him, and then he fucked my mouth and it was fabulous.
We used the ring gag. I liked it better outside of the bed... which is to say, I minded the drool much less when I wasn't going to have to sleep in it later that night. I could feel it dripping from my mouth onto my knees, and I didn't mind.
It's difficult to give a good blowjob when one's mouth is held open. You don't have control of your lips, so no suction can occur. The tongue is still free, which is good, but the only real pressure you can put on the cock is with the back of your throat, ie, deepthroating. Which one cannot do at the same time as some other activities, like, say, breathing.
Still, breath control can be managed, and was, and it was worth to hear my Master say "Oh, God, I can't stand it anymore", and feel his hips buck as he came into my mouth, intense and messy and fabulous. There was alot of whiping off of various bits of the anatomy, but it was really worth it.
Then we went back to bed, and my room was freezing so we crawled under the covers, and clean sheets and cuddling and diet coke (my absolute favorite beverage, especially post-sex, ever) and pot and post-scene talking, and then I fell asleep and woke up to say g'night when he left around 5 (so I'm guessing he fell asleep, too), and then I slept more soundly till I had to wake up to be a productive, decent member of vanilla society again.

I'd had a long hard week, and that was exactly what I needed.

Now, to talk about the previous time we played. That was fun! I topped, and I Dommed, and I loved it, because I was relaxed. I knew no coitus would be involved, right from the get go. Actual intercourse is very difficult when I'm topping, because I've pretty much got to be on top, and generally it's harder to control, and just not something that's terribly enjoyable when I'm under pressure to make sure the scene goes well.
So this time, I had another plan. It involved the two new eyehooks, which come down from the bottom of the loft portion of the bed, and are used for elevating one's sub's ankles. Which one does, having first wrapped said ankles in a pair of socks (black for aesthetic value) to protect their tendons.
Good position, this. His legs are elevated, so his hips are rotated such that there is easy, comfortable access to the anus.
So that I can suck him off while I fuck his ass with the buttplug, and keep him from coming until I know he really, really can't stand it anymore, such that he has a shit eating, I-just-came-so-hard-I-killed-brain-cells grin on his face, and I feel like the queen of the world.
Then I tied his wrists to the chair (remember?), and had him pleasure me, but I didnt' find the position that great, so we moved back to the bed.
NB, he likes the vibrator too, but not as much as I do... still, I've not tried inserting it yet. We'll see how that goes, won't we?

Further posts will include: a lesson on our particular anatomies, or "Oh, Gods, Yes, Right There!!", the use of new suspension cuffs or "No, Mistress, My Wrists Are Fine. Yes, Mistress, That Was Lash Number 17. 18! Thank You, Mistress!" and sex in the shower, or "Slip, Thunk OW! No, Don't Stop..."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmmm, sex. and ring gags, and chairs, and topping, and bottoming, and collars and cuffs and leather and vibrators.
this has been one of the best parts of my year, and it looks like it's only going to get better

3:56 AM  

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