Saturday, March 18, 2006

Playing lifestyle

So my partner and I went to New York. This is how it worked: I made all the arrangements. I booked the hostel and found us a place to stay the night we weren't booked for. I brought the guidebook, I had all the necessary addresses, I made the travel arrangements. But as soon as we got started, when he was driving my car, he more or less called the shots. Which is the wrong terminology... mostly he just sort of took charge. I'd done the planning, and for the duration of the trip I just sort of relaxed and followed his lead. It was more or less assumed he'd be domming in the bedroom, and for the duration of the trip I wore either my choke chain wrapped around my wrist or my collar on my neck.
We did alot of fetish shopping, though we didn't buy anything. We saw a cute gay lifestyle couple in one shop, and visited a shop full of GORGEOUS leathergoods called Leather Man, and went to Trash and Vaudville. It was different... my city trips tend to involve alot of reading in the park, alot of museums and good food on the upper west side or midtown. My partner crawls the village and shops alot, but as we coincide for the good food bit, and I'm not much averse to pretty vinyl clothings, we got along just fine.
Lifestyle is an equal relationship with a more segrated set of duties, it seems, and I could understand it if I were told that there are dramatically fewer fights between lifestyle couples. It was nice to have an understanding of what jobs were mine, and what were his: I made the arrangements, he figured out subway routes and destinations once we were in the city.
In the bedroom, it was another story entirely.
Soon, duckies. Soon.


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