Sunday, April 16, 2006


Night before last boy had me fucking incoherent, teasing me, touching me everywhere but where I wanted to be touched. Boy had me begging, not because it fit the scene but because I NEEDED to be touched, NEEDED it.
Last night, boy stopped by. We didn't do a scene, we weren't even going to have sex, but then, because there were two of us, and a bed, we did. (Of course).

Probably the best sex of my life. I was tired and intoxicated and out of it, but then there was him and there was me and suddenly it was just so FUCKING good.

That was my first orgasm from intercourse. Not from intercourse and handy-dandy vibrator, not from intercourse and then head, just from a quick, sweet, easy fuck.

Oh gods. Simultaneous orgasms are NOT overrated. Never let them tell you they are.

That was so good.

Mmmmmm.... Sex.


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