Monday, April 24, 2006

Vanilla Sex

When people who've been in the Scene longer talk to us, they are always surprized to discover that my partner and I have been playingn for less than a year.
That's because for a very long time we did serious, involved scenes just about twice a week. Which is a whole helluva lot.
And the sex? The sex was great.
Recently, though, the sex has been fantastic.
And I think that's in part due to the fact that we've been having alot more vanilla sex than we're used to. Because we love fucking, my partner andd I, but we're busy little bunnies. It's easy to take 15 minutes out of the day to screw, but a scene takes an hour, minimum, and recently, we haven't often had the time or the energy.
So, vanilla sex. Which is, in some ways, purer sex. It's sex without the emotional strings pulled by D/s, without the billion other physical stimulations of B&D.
And children, it's been very, very good sex.
Today for the first time ever I had sex without a condom. Seriously, the first time ever in my life.
And I thought, that's my boy that I'm feeling. Just him, just me.
Which was wonderful. And important to me, somewhat like a second virginity.
I think my partner knew that. He took time out of fucking to go down on me, sweetly, amazingly, doing those things that he does that I think are probably illegal for the same reasons that heroin is illegal.
So that when he was inside me again, I moved with him, arched and moaned with him, and for the second time, ever, we came together.
I still love that feeling. I'll always love that feeling. That shuddering feeling where all I can do is hold on to him, hold on to him like he's my only tether to the world, like those points where we are connected are the only lasting reality, until I come back down.

I was hella, hella sore afterwards, because I've been tender anyway and we didn't use any lubricant. Even just a condom has some lube on it.

So, sore. Lube next time.
But wow. I love the scene. I miss the exchange of control. I want a nice, long D/s scene, a scene that starts out of the bed, a scene that has me crawling on my knees, delerious again with the feeling of someone's power over me, their love and care for me, and the entirety of their attention bent on me.
I miss that, but vanilla sex, sex just for the sake of sex, sex practice, if you will... that's nothing to be scoffed at. Not at all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

simultaneous orgasms are amazing, amazing things. as is sex without a condom.
as is sex, actually.
thanks, love.

1:39 AM  

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