Monday, May 01, 2006

Boot Blacking

What a satisfying thing to do. Not as sexy as it could be, yet, but still a job well done for my Master. (well enough, anyhow.)
In the interest of sending subtle messages, I wonder what it would be like, boot blacking or boot worship or body worship, in-scene? It's awfully fun, I know, to look down at him when he's my pet, to see him kiss my boot and look up from under his lashes.
Breathtaking sight. I wonder what the view's like from that angle.

And it's nice to have somebody I can kiss passionately when the little people on the TV kiss eachother passionately.

And he's started wearing a ring in his hair for shibari, and I've gotten back to wearing the chain around my wrist.
Well, we can be cute, I suppose, so long as nobody but us notices very much, and we make sure we're appropriately twisted at the same time.

And when did I start running workshops? This blog still calls itself the 'beginnings' off bdsm sexuality.

Radom-thought-girl out


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