Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Consider these two girls

Consider the eyes that look at you in the dark
And their trust
Consider the round breasts
The pink nipples
The unfree arms, the legs
Consider this body that is Yours, when it is yours
And don't you want to own it?
Look at this girl,
Look at these soft curves,
This belly and these thighs
Don't you want to stake your claim,
Pin these bones and skin and flesh down to the mattress
Move within this girl
This body
And again
As this body moves against you
And the confines you have made
Don't you want to leave your mark
Printed on that flesh, still felt next morning
Don't you want to know she won't forget
In the day
In the afternoons
That in the night
This body belongs to You,
This creature is in Your power
And Your protection?
Consider it

And look again
Consider Her power and Her strength
Consider the beauty that you gasp at
All the parts, all the beautiful parts
And the whole you cannot possibly deserve
The legs that tower above you
The breasts that swell frim from her chest
The eyes you are priviledged to meet
Consider these hands
Hands that touch your skin
And grasp your hair
And run along you like lines of fire
Hands that guide you
And don't you crave their touch
Don't you burn for them
And from them
Don't they make you burn?
Consider her mouth
Her small, angular mouth
Her lips, her tongue
And her words, careful, intricate, cutting little words
Consider her taking you,
Moving within you,
And again
Claiming you
That firm inside of you
Until the light that grows within your brain breaks and you crumble
Into those waiting arms

Consider these two girls
And consider the third
Girl in her jeans
Cotton tanktops
Girl full of folk music
They're inside her all the time
Every moment, every time those eyes
Eyes from the dark
Eyes full of power
Look at you
Consider this dichotomy, trichotomy
See them both,
See us all
Whenever you see me


Anonymous Anonymous said...

all three of you make me so very happy
in other news, this is worth a read: http://www.erosblog.com/archives/00000590.htm

4:22 AM  

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