Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Domming Again

I Dommed last night. It's getting harder. As my partner and I approach a lifestyle, it's harder for me to take control of him, who is so often my Master. Indeed, we're on something of a threshold. D/s, that journey into the mind, that game of trust, that ballance, is taking the place of joyful and curious experimentation. What fun.
So, it was harder than it had been in the past.
But I'm so glad I did it.
It's a little troublesome to write in here, because I know he reads it, and I can't give away my secrets, now can I? Still, I'll say what I can.
I don't know if I told you about my boots. My boots have 7 inch heals. My boots make me taller than my pet, by a long shot. So his Mistress can look down on him, and be that much more in control of him.
I wore my boots and had him kneel before me, and I touched him all over.
The silly boy brought a knife into the room.
I have ever been fascinated by blades. Lovely things. His knife is black, a black blade with a steel-colored edge on it. It makes a satisfying click when it opens. But he stayed still, good little thing.
We got a pinwheel last night.
This is an amazing little device. It's exactly what it sounds like: a little spiked wheel with a handle, that lets one run pinpricks of sensation along the skin. And I did, all over him.
And I spoke to him. Brought him into his mind and his fear, showed him My beauty and My strength. He worshiped at those shining black boots.
I quite liked that.
I took him on the bed last, kneeling, with his face pressed into my pillow.
I remember there was a time when I was uncomfortable with the thought of anything that had to do with the anus. I thought it should be left out of sex entirely. But once you've run a finger along the prostate and heard your pet's voice rise an octave as he whimpers "oh, Mistress", your opinions change. I had him panting, and squirming, and begging him to fuck me.
And I did. Fucked my little pet into the mattress with my big red silicon dick. Gods, that was gratifying.
Once he'd recovered, we switched. I probably should have stayed in role, because it was hard to take him seriously as my Master for a bit, but I got into the swing of it.
Master or pet, that boy really has the most amazing mouth on him. I came so the world flashed white and black behind my eyelids.
Then we relaxed, and cuddled, and talked, just like we've always done.
Happy times.
And I'll be bleeding for at least another few days, so I think I'll stick it to him again, sometime soon.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Vanilla Sex

When people who've been in the Scene longer talk to us, they are always surprized to discover that my partner and I have been playingn for less than a year.
That's because for a very long time we did serious, involved scenes just about twice a week. Which is a whole helluva lot.
And the sex? The sex was great.
Recently, though, the sex has been fantastic.
And I think that's in part due to the fact that we've been having alot more vanilla sex than we're used to. Because we love fucking, my partner andd I, but we're busy little bunnies. It's easy to take 15 minutes out of the day to screw, but a scene takes an hour, minimum, and recently, we haven't often had the time or the energy.
So, vanilla sex. Which is, in some ways, purer sex. It's sex without the emotional strings pulled by D/s, without the billion other physical stimulations of B&D.
And children, it's been very, very good sex.
Today for the first time ever I had sex without a condom. Seriously, the first time ever in my life.
And I thought, that's my boy that I'm feeling. Just him, just me.
Which was wonderful. And important to me, somewhat like a second virginity.
I think my partner knew that. He took time out of fucking to go down on me, sweetly, amazingly, doing those things that he does that I think are probably illegal for the same reasons that heroin is illegal.
So that when he was inside me again, I moved with him, arched and moaned with him, and for the second time, ever, we came together.
I still love that feeling. I'll always love that feeling. That shuddering feeling where all I can do is hold on to him, hold on to him like he's my only tether to the world, like those points where we are connected are the only lasting reality, until I come back down.

I was hella, hella sore afterwards, because I've been tender anyway and we didn't use any lubricant. Even just a condom has some lube on it.

So, sore. Lube next time.
But wow. I love the scene. I miss the exchange of control. I want a nice, long D/s scene, a scene that starts out of the bed, a scene that has me crawling on my knees, delerious again with the feeling of someone's power over me, their love and care for me, and the entirety of their attention bent on me.
I miss that, but vanilla sex, sex just for the sake of sex, sex practice, if you will... that's nothing to be scoffed at. Not at all.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Night before last boy had me fucking incoherent, teasing me, touching me everywhere but where I wanted to be touched. Boy had me begging, not because it fit the scene but because I NEEDED to be touched, NEEDED it.
Last night, boy stopped by. We didn't do a scene, we weren't even going to have sex, but then, because there were two of us, and a bed, we did. (Of course).

Probably the best sex of my life. I was tired and intoxicated and out of it, but then there was him and there was me and suddenly it was just so FUCKING good.

That was my first orgasm from intercourse. Not from intercourse and handy-dandy vibrator, not from intercourse and then head, just from a quick, sweet, easy fuck.

Oh gods. Simultaneous orgasms are NOT overrated. Never let them tell you they are.

That was so good.

Mmmmmm.... Sex.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006




Saturday, April 01, 2006


I did it I did it I did it....
Lies. All lies. WE did it. At the very end of the process, yes, I took up some of the slack, but that was only because my two compatriots were both incredibly busy.

What did we do, you ask? We (my self, my most excellent partner and our fabulous if vertically challenged friend) set up a real live BDSM play party in the basement of our house. there were suspension riggings (not actual suspension, just nice spread-eagled arms above head type stuff) there was a bondage chair, there was a wire-bedframe attached to a wall that functioned like a St. Andrew's Cross, only with more options, There was a wax-and-ice table, and an out of room chill space.
My partner did the rigging, our friend helped us find interested parties, I organized the invitations (electronic as well as paper, double trouble), we all made toys and introduced the whole thing and set people off to play.
And, of course, we took turns monitering while others were playing.

It was so good. We kept it safe, we had water, we had food, we had cleaning products. We kept it happy. But what made it perfect had nothign to do with us. It had to do with the atmosphere... everybody there was open to it, even if they didn't play. At least three people that I know of came in not expecting to play, and by the end were deep into scenes of one kind or another. The vibe was so comfortable and happy, and people found people who played the way they liked, and it was all very good indeed.

Better than I expected. We had a huge turn out, and all of the stations were in use pretty much all of the time, but there weren't alot of people standing around waiting for a chance to play.

It was good. There were a few older hands, like myself and my partner and a few others, and some complete newcomers, and we all played together and had a great time.

I think a workshop, next.

(we did it)

(also, p and I had amazing orgasmic screaming sex, at, like 4:30 in the morning when it was finally done)