Thursday, July 27, 2006

This is just to say

A week is too long. I need to buy batteries. I wish that I could get rid of these friends who are here, because all I really want is to nag my Master over to his computer and make him chat me up, sexy style. But in the end it's hardly worth it, when I'll have the real thing again so soon. Brain cleared and time for thinking, I am remembering how fabulous it is when we're together. The sex is the best sex that anybody on the planet has ever had, and the comfort level is amazing. When we are far away it breaks down some, but when we're around eachother there's this deep-burried level of understanding that just doesn't fail us.
He's building the bed, kiddos. He's got the wood, he's made the cuts, the hardware has been ordered and possibly arrived. There's a good bet that by the time I get there, there will be this bed. Huge, be-posted, sturdy enough for suspension. I am so psyched. I can't even tell you.
I'll post pictures of this monstrous thing when it is built for real.
Also, to those it may concern, it appears that Boy and I will be at MM's this upcominig party. Possibly even dressed as pirates -- he's got that long lean blonde look and prediliction for black that lends itself to the Dread Pirate Roberts. And everybody knows I'm a saucy wench.
So yes. The distance pulls, distractions strain, but I cannot bloody wait to be together again.
I love you, Boy.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ok, You Win.

Well you win. Four comments not from the boy is more than enough to get you the rest of that picture.

Fair enough to whichever of you mentioned that they've seen more of me at MM's. It's true. And come September, you'll be seeing even more, I'm sure. Or, more likely, the same amount again. The Boy and I are very excited.
There isn't terribly much recent news, I'm afraid. Well, there's some.
First of all, I believe I promised to talk about the cat ears that were mentioned once before. Forgive me if I've written this already; I don't think I have.
I am the proud possessor of a new pair of cat ears. They're fur-backed and will have black leather inside, assuming Boy does what I asked him to do. They're on a thin, clear plastic string, so that when they're on you can't really see how they're attached. I like 'em.
Boy really likes 'em.
And this is, I'm guessing (and correct me if I'm way off base) a totally next-gen kink. The Boy is into catgirls. Of Japanese Animation. He's not a furry, by no means. He just likes that feline touch. Which is fine with me. I was purring when my hair was played with long before I met him. I honestly find it incredibly relaxing to stop having to be human for a while, and communicate joy or distress in noises and expressions, and beg for scritches and pettings. And though I tease him, I love that he loves that I do that. I love that I can curl up with him and really be a pet.
I doubt that the cat ears will ever make it to a play party. It's a much more private sort of thing, that kink -- it's not even always sexual (though it certainly can be), and except that it's one more semi-sexual practice we have that the general populous does not.
Still, I thought I'd mention it.
Other news belongs to the Boy, but in the interest of having it out there to some degree, I'll post a bit. He's not terribly good at blogging, that one.
So, just a quick heads up on a wonderfully scene in which I Dommed. Boy is ever the lovely pet. He enjoys it so much! And I pride myself to say that for bits of it, anyway, I was quite scary. I love my boots! I'm taller than he is!
It's so niiiice to have him looking up at me, for once.
Also? I took him standing. First time. If you want to know how it was, ask him about it in your comments.

Finally: There is now photographic evidence that I can be a Domme. So, if you want something to offset this demeaning little photo, just say the word! I can't promise that the answer'll be yes, as there are some bits of me that I'd prefer not be on the internet, and I've not yet looked through the pics, but if any of them are remotely decent, and you ask nicely, I'll post. If you ask really nicely, and get his permission first (I can ask for you), I also have some darlinig pictures of the Boy-as-Pet. Just so's y'know.

P.S. Isn't Boy's shibari lovely? Consider that he's only been at, seriously, for less than a year!

Monday, July 10, 2006

I See You!

You've been visiting the site in droves! The little counter does not lie!
But no comments!
Seriously, readership, all of you. I want your thoughts! I mean, it's pretty thought-provoking stuff, I think.
And I am new at this, and I would like any advice or just ideas that you've got. Or questions. I'll answer questions.

So. A bribe.
Here is a small portion of a picture. If you comment, you get the rest of it. If you don't comment, you get NOTHING.


Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Oh My

This is to sum up to visits that cannot be summed up in words.
Thought 1) I like being hit more than I ever expected to. Twice now my Master has run scenes that were, at least for the majority of them, nonsexual. He chained me up in the doorway and he stood behind me and he hit me with our wonderful improved flogger. Nylon rope, soft, unbraided, with little knots tied in the ends. It's one of my all time favorite sensations. Just the right combination of thunk and sting. And I stand there, strung up, and he hits me till I lose track of time, and it's just bloody fantastic. He hits me softly then he hits me harder then he hits me harder and I'm on the verge of calling yellow when he stops, strokes me with his hands and his lips till my body is ready for the flogger again.
I like that. I like it alot. I like that we can do a scene that doesn't have to end in sex. They usually do, still, but sometimes, like the time above, it almost seems as though there's been a break. We do a scene, and then we have sex. They're not all the same thing. I feel as though this gives us alot of opportunity. There are things one can try with a scene that aren't exactly sexy. They're intense and magical and amazing, but they don't make you want to tear eachother's clothes off. And I'm glad that we're getting to try those things. I'm glad that the exploration hasn't stopped.

2)Another thing that hasn't stopped is the trend towards better sex. I remember at the end of last summer finding that I was having the best sex of my life with the Boy, and thinking, that's great, but we'll plateau sooner or later. We haven't, and recently, possibly because sex is rarer (or, more specifically, because we think of sex as rarer... it's all mental, really) the improvement has been marked and impressive. When the Boy visited me, after we watched the Secretary, we turned out the lights, ripped off eachother clothes and had the best sex we'd ever had. This last time I visited him, the second night I was there, as we were starting I said "we're going to make love", and he proceeded to make perfect, wonderful love to me. He told me later he was trying to be worshipful, and that's how it felt. He kissed me from my head to my toes, literally, and up and down and up again. It was amazing, and odd because it transpires that in worshipping, he felt that he was the submissive in the situation, but in simply lying there and letting him touch me as he would, I felt that I was giving up control almost totally. The sex, when we finally had sex, was amazing. Everything felt so good, so much better than expected. Having him in me was precicely what I wanted out of the universe. It was sweet and hot and totally connected, and I loved him so much then and I was expressing it the only way it could be expressed, with my body.
That, again, was the best sex we'd ever had.
Until the next night. Wearing the restraints, the good old regular ones that I've missed (since we've not had my bed to tie eachother to, we've been using the suspension style ones almost all the time) and the ankle cuffs, with them clipped together, first with me lying on my stomach and my legs and arms arched behind me, later on my back, knees bent and wrists clipped to ankles, and he stroked me till I thought I'd come right then, and then he fucked me. And for the first time ever I counted three seperate, intense, crazy orgasms. I will never again decide that I'm done once I've come once. It was insane. I didn't know I could do that.
In this past week I've had better sex that I would have thought possible a few months ago. Twice.
Still, I think that for emotional reasons alone, the love-making session was better.

3)End thoughts. We're figuring out where we stand, relationship vs. lifestyle, etc. etc. We miss our local group, and are happily planning play parties for the one we started, and every once in a while we look up and I'm wearing my cat ears (if I've not blogged about that, I will) and my heads in his lap and he's petting me, and we look back to when he said things like "finish cleaning off My bed", or when I did the laundry and realize that there's a definite direction these patterns are taking. It's comforting and good, but a little bit scary. I've always been strong and independant, etc. It takes strength to give that up, doncheknow. But that is what we Sub-tending folkes've got. I own the control over me enough to give it up. I give it up because it's mine to give, and I can get it back again.
And besides, he's a fabulous little Master and I'm quite the charming pet, but I can walk up behind him anytime he leans down and have him moaning "Mistressss" in a second.

It all evens out, doncheknow.