Thursday, July 27, 2006

This is just to say

A week is too long. I need to buy batteries. I wish that I could get rid of these friends who are here, because all I really want is to nag my Master over to his computer and make him chat me up, sexy style. But in the end it's hardly worth it, when I'll have the real thing again so soon. Brain cleared and time for thinking, I am remembering how fabulous it is when we're together. The sex is the best sex that anybody on the planet has ever had, and the comfort level is amazing. When we are far away it breaks down some, but when we're around eachother there's this deep-burried level of understanding that just doesn't fail us.
He's building the bed, kiddos. He's got the wood, he's made the cuts, the hardware has been ordered and possibly arrived. There's a good bet that by the time I get there, there will be this bed. Huge, be-posted, sturdy enough for suspension. I am so psyched. I can't even tell you.
I'll post pictures of this monstrous thing when it is built for real.
Also, to those it may concern, it appears that Boy and I will be at MM's this upcominig party. Possibly even dressed as pirates -- he's got that long lean blonde look and prediliction for black that lends itself to the Dread Pirate Roberts. And everybody knows I'm a saucy wench.
So yes. The distance pulls, distractions strain, but I cannot bloody wait to be together again.
I love you, Boy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

way too long. sex with other people just doesn't cut it, and this trip's going to be so good... and this bed's going to be so much fun. and i really simply can't wait to fuck you into the mattress. not to mention playing on the trip, and the party. mm, the party. we need to get you back into the armbinder, among oh-so-many other things. i love you too. *smile*

4:33 AM  

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