Monday, June 12, 2006

The City

The city is where I am, today. Where I will be for most of the next few months.
The city is not where my boys is, or where he will be for most of the next few months.
That's less than fun.
But I've a life outside of kink and even outside of him, and it brings me here. So, again, this journal shall turn to my twisted little fantasy and to brief explainations of the gorgeousness of skin on skin, of leather and crop, of restraints.

A few notes on recent activity:
We discovered that there's a serious difference between being tied up, and being stretched to the limit.
I wanted to tie up my Pet. With the restraints, but without rope. On the two by fours near the corners of my full bed, this is a stretch. Actually, it's more than a stretch: with a single set of caribeaners, it's impossible. But with two carribeaners linked together at the wrists, it worked out. Nicely.
And the reactions were simply different. Everything was more exciting, like my touch on him was electric, he loved it.
I thought, I had better do this again.

And then, sometime later, in a different room, he tied me to the bars a bed, stretched out as far as I would go, and I found out what he'd found out. It was so much more real, so much more forbidden. When you're tied but you know you can get out with no trouble at all, that's a game. At this point it's almost nothing. But when you're spread eagled on a bed, when you can struggle but can't shift your weight, when you're stuck and you realize that there is nothing, not even moving six inches to one side, that you can do to prevent your Master from doing whatever he wills...
that's something special.
Electric. A little frightening. Very, very hot.

Also? Man I love fucking that boy in the butt. He loves it. I love it. If it weren't for how much I love him fucking me, I'd do it all the time. It's fabulous. How happy it makes him, how he wriggles, how he's helpless, and how if I angle it just right the pressure of my strapon pushes on my clitoris.
I have plans to get a silver bullet vibe and find a way to attach it to the harness. I want to come with that big red cock inside of him, because he comes so gorgeously hard when I do that, because being a part of it with him would be fabulous.

So, discoveries and plans, and hopefully, since I am in the city, I'll get to write about lots of fun kink events.

Till then, me and my vibrator pretend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you and your vibrator and me and my porn... somewhere between stretched and helpless and anal sex and plans i got hard reading that post. strange how much i miss sex already (and you, too, but that's another thing entirely)... does make for things like driving past home depot and fantasizing about staking you out naked on a meadow and teasing and taking you in the moonlight, though, so it's not all bad.
love you

2:24 AM  

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