Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Quickie

Boy visited.
Two nights. Something on the order of 10 orgasms. We did well.
A quick rundown: Sex that was really good, but not particularly scene-y. Sex that was good, and ended by my giving him head. Niiiice head. I kept him on the brink for a good long while. He begged alot. Like, more than ussual.
The next night we watched The Secretary. Ok movie, interesting. Then we turned it off and I closed my laptop, on which we had been watching it, and suddenly it was just us in a slightly overheated, totally dark room.
We tore eachothers clothes off. We panted and we gasped and we moved against eachother and somewhere in it I started calling him Master and he started calling me Pet, but it wasn't a scene, just what we were. We didn't stop for anything. It was the only time, ever, that we just went to it. Normally we put a specified blanket down over the bed so there's no damp spot, but we didn't stop for that, or for a condom (I'm on the pill, anyway) or for anything. I ripped his clothes off and he ripped my clothes off and I tried to kiss every part of him at once and I bit him and he bit me and then he was inside of me, hot and hard and we moved together, arching and moaning and it was so, so, so good and then we came. Both of us. Together.
I held him on top of me for a long time after that, gasping and amazed. Really quick, really good sex always sort of startles me.
Then? Then I did the nasty things I'd been telling him about all day. For the first time ever I tied my Pet up with rope, beautiful white nylon rope that's only ever been on me before. It was fabulous. I tied his arms behind his back and lay him down, and worked in him with one, then two fingers till he told me he couldn't hold off anylonger (he was wrong). I withdrew my fingers, I entered him with my big red cock. Which was great, and fabulous, but incredibly difficult. You can't fuck a boy while facing him, while holding yourself up, and try to jerk him off at the same time. Well, you can try. But it won't work. Once I got him to the point where I figured if I didn't let him come soon he'd start being in real pain (that's unintentional pain, right there), I withdrew my cock, let him rest a bit, and then went in again with my fingers, two of them making little circles along his prostate, I wrapped my mouth around his cock and sucked him hard and then kept sucking till he screamed one long, silent scream and came into my mouth. He came for a very long time. Then shuddered, rested a second, and asked to be untied so he could use the bathroom.

Then he came back and gave me quick, fierce head, lapping and licking and moving one finger in and out of me till I bucked against him and bit my lowerlip to keep from screaming.

Then we smoked, and cuddled, and collapsed.

Which is what I'm going to do now.


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