Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ok, You Win.

Well you win. Four comments not from the boy is more than enough to get you the rest of that picture.

Fair enough to whichever of you mentioned that they've seen more of me at MM's. It's true. And come September, you'll be seeing even more, I'm sure. Or, more likely, the same amount again. The Boy and I are very excited.
There isn't terribly much recent news, I'm afraid. Well, there's some.
First of all, I believe I promised to talk about the cat ears that were mentioned once before. Forgive me if I've written this already; I don't think I have.
I am the proud possessor of a new pair of cat ears. They're fur-backed and will have black leather inside, assuming Boy does what I asked him to do. They're on a thin, clear plastic string, so that when they're on you can't really see how they're attached. I like 'em.
Boy really likes 'em.
And this is, I'm guessing (and correct me if I'm way off base) a totally next-gen kink. The Boy is into catgirls. Of Japanese Animation. He's not a furry, by no means. He just likes that feline touch. Which is fine with me. I was purring when my hair was played with long before I met him. I honestly find it incredibly relaxing to stop having to be human for a while, and communicate joy or distress in noises and expressions, and beg for scritches and pettings. And though I tease him, I love that he loves that I do that. I love that I can curl up with him and really be a pet.
I doubt that the cat ears will ever make it to a play party. It's a much more private sort of thing, that kink -- it's not even always sexual (though it certainly can be), and except that it's one more semi-sexual practice we have that the general populous does not.
Still, I thought I'd mention it.
Other news belongs to the Boy, but in the interest of having it out there to some degree, I'll post a bit. He's not terribly good at blogging, that one.
So, just a quick heads up on a wonderfully scene in which I Dommed. Boy is ever the lovely pet. He enjoys it so much! And I pride myself to say that for bits of it, anyway, I was quite scary. I love my boots! I'm taller than he is!
It's so niiiice to have him looking up at me, for once.
Also? I took him standing. First time. If you want to know how it was, ask him about it in your comments.

Finally: There is now photographic evidence that I can be a Domme. So, if you want something to offset this demeaning little photo, just say the word! I can't promise that the answer'll be yes, as there are some bits of me that I'd prefer not be on the internet, and I've not yet looked through the pics, but if any of them are remotely decent, and you ask nicely, I'll post. If you ask really nicely, and get his permission first (I can ask for you), I also have some darlinig pictures of the Boy-as-Pet. Just so's y'know.

P.S. Isn't Boy's shibari lovely? Consider that he's only been at, seriously, for less than a year!


Anonymous fei said...

i can atest to the purring bit.....if i remember right you tried to show me how to once. never could get the hang of it the way you did it. now the kitty just needs a tail *weg*

10:57 AM  
Anonymous snow said...

Looking forward to seeing you again at MM's. Sounds like you have been having an interesting summer ! Not sure what you might know about kitty play as a kink, but you've definitely described it...have fun !

2:40 PM  

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