Monday, September 18, 2006


Last night at 12:30 we decided that maybe we weren't so tired after all.

Yesterday day we found Wow, says I! And it's like the shibari switch has been clicked. Why let him do all the tying? He may have more know-how now, but I can learn, and if I actually stop and take the time to tie him up, I'm fine at it.

So, I tie him up with his knees bent and tied to the center-beam, thus that he cannot move this.
He retaliates by tying me up with my legs suspended, but my back lying on the bed.

He gets home late. We eat some frenchfries.

And then we do our first full suspension.

It wasn't a scene, I was fully clothed. There were rope bands at my ankles, knees, at each thigh where they meet my body, around my lower waist, and I believe one above and one below my breasts, though I might be making one up. The two thigh bands were tied to the one near my hips, so that the weight was at my center of gravity, over my hips.

It took two pulleys and a fair amount of thinking and reworking, but I spent perhaps five minutes suspended a foot above the bed.

I can't really describe the rush. We just felt so accomplished and fabulous and I got to swing around and it was great. More tonight, probably... we want to practice alot over the bed, making sure we're comfortable with bands and weight distribution and everything, because if we take half an hour or an hour doing the tying and getting me up for a few minutes every night or so, in two weeks we can probably do it at our party.


Rope enthusiasts reading this blog, write in with questions or comments, or if you want to see the pictures. They're not great, but they're something.

Final notes: more rope will be useful, so that the bands are wider, and if we're going to do it for any length of time over 5 minutes, we'll need to find some way to hold my head up.

In anycase, we've started, and it's great, and I simply can't wait to do more!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please be careful with suspension, even over a bed.

A friend of ours, Jonathan has attended class on suspension from Midori:

He has suspended Julie, and the most important thing that he learned from the class was safety.

Julie had the samw issue with her head as well. THis was the solution:

I thought Julie being suspended was hot. Jonathan loves the process of suspension. Although I love rope play, with suspension I don't think the juice is always worth the squeeze.


7:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we're as careful as we can be - load-rated hardware, block and tackle, and a good hardpoint, and lots & lots of rope. it's certainly a different experience (from both sides) than most scenes, in terms of process/effort/sensuality/power exchange... not something to do all the time, but i really enjoy the process, and the Girl loves flying, so it works out well for us.

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for you mention of Switching fits us. why should the other person get all the fun. Switching is a powerful way to learn.
-Eric & Ginger

10:29 PM  

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