Sunday, August 27, 2006

Playing Again

Somehow it had been forever since we'd done a scene. I don't know why. Well, I do know why. We scene alot more when we're busier. All summer, when we've been together, we've had nothing terribly much to do but spend time together and have sex and cuddle and it's been fabulous bondagey sex, but not real scenes. Scenes happen when we have to set time aside for sex, so we have a nice 2 hour block from walking in the door to holding eachother and twitching. Well, now we're back at school with all of our friends, and we have scened.
And we christened the bed for real with it, too.
We started traditionally. He told me to close my eyes, to stand still with my hands behind my back, and He teased me. And teased me. And teased me till I rocked back and forth on my feet helplessly. And of course, He stood me in front of a mirror, so the second my eyelids fluttered I was confronted with a view of myself, naked and held by His will, with His hands on my body, and I stared. And He noticed, of course. I was lucky I didn't get punished. What I did get was a blindfold, and I stood for what felt very much like three hours while He played havoc with my nervous system. Then He pulled me to the bed and lay me back, on a pillow, I think, and we played "Guess What This Is", which is alot scarier if you're on the guessing side. Having invented the game, I knew He wouldn't be doing anything terribly dangerous, but I still didn't know what He was doing, and He was putting something sharpish awfully close to some very tender areas. He explained the trick later, but why should I tell you? (grin) And then when I was arching and whimpering ... and I had a ring gag in. When did He put that in? Early, I know, because I remember being unable to guess during the game because of it, and I'm sure I had it on even before that. Anyhow, it was in my mouth when He finally removed my blindfold and let me come, for the first time that night, with His fingers against my clit, which demonstrates just how very wet He'd gotten me. He took the gag out for a bit and gave me some water and let me calm down. It was very nice.
Then, after that, the real fun started.

Here is the break where I went to drop off a robe in the Boy's room, and the I noticed he was sorting porn, and so we spent hours sorting through and keeping only the best of his vast collection, and we had mindblowing shuddering amazing sex. Twice. In the same number of hours. It was 5 in the afternoon when we finally gave over and put some clothes on and tried to be productive.
Well, we got the porn all sorted. I guess that was productive.


So He has this bed, you see. Three tall posts and one short one and a cross bar between the two tall diagonals. Two 2x4s per post. The basic purpose of this bed is causing mayhem and madness and me in odd positions. I will not attempt to describe His rigging, because I can't and if He wants to He will, but I was tied at hands and wrisits and elbows and under my arms to a heavy iron pole, which was hung from the bed, so that I kneeled and the pole took my weight. I looked very pretty in the mirror. And I hung there and he stood on the bed and made full use of the ring gag and the fact that He could swing me backwards and forwards as He saw fit. It was good. And He fucked my mouth and then touched me all over and pushed me this way and that way to show how utterly helpless I was, and I was aching with need and I wanted little more than for Him to fuck me and then, finally, He let the pole down and lay me on the bed still tied to it and fucked me into oblivion. And then because clearly that wasn't enough, He kissed His way down and gave me another orgasm, with His mouth.

At some point I was untied from the pole. I shuddered a bunch. I gasped. We agreed that we have very good sex indeed, and should keep doing so for a long, long time.

And this was the first scene where a significant portion of my weight was taken by something else, ie, where I was close to hanging. we also suspended an 80 lb. metal stool to see how our pulleys are working. The answer is, they're working just fine, but we need to put a few more in.

There are pictures. I will post them.

PS. I love my boy, and need to fuck him really really soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will you playing at "The Group" this weekend?

7:05 AM  
Blogger Switch said...

I'll be there, in my little pleated kilt with my professorial Boy by my side.

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmm... i reread that and the hardware-store-slut part of me tingles. give me a week or so and i'll have you swinging again, my pretty

3:54 AM  

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