Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Party for the People

So, another party at MM's has come and gone, and it was a blast man. I do not return, this time, with stories of impressive scenes I ran or he ran. We wandered around, we played with the arm binder, I dressed like a school girl, he tied me up and I wandered around some more and had pretty rope burns the next day. But no long scenes, and I didn't Dom at all (because I was dressed like a bloody schoolgirl).
So, not much scening, why was it a blast? Because we hung out with the people who we're getting to know. Acquaintances are beginning to become friends, if friends of a very specialized sort. That's neat. We joked alot, and hung out in the kitchen drinking coffee, and watched scenes, which is always a blast. We've decided to bring ideas with us to the next one, so that we have a few scenes we know we want to do or things we know we want to play with. There was maybe a little too much aimless meandering, this party.
Still, a blast.
On the home front, the club is coming along nicely. We are getting e-mails back, and are on our way to setting up a workshop. We have interest! They're not breaking down the door (or, y'know, the server) but they are e-mailing. So, that's a success and not yet a headache, which is always good.
And... we need to get back into doing scenes. We have this big ole bed, and a billion ideas of stuff we wanna do, and it's all getting pushed back because by the time we get to the bed we are hardly awake enough to screw. I figure once our sleep schedules even out, we'll be alot better.

Other news from the underground: I probably mentioned at some point that I recently discovered the multiple orgasm. It's nice (Brittish talent for understatement, much?). But I've decided that there are grades of orgasms. Orgams that come three times in one instance of intercourse are grade B orgasms. Orgasms where my Boy has done nothing whatever but tease me for the past two hours and then finally lets me get off and I wind up shaking and clutching at stuff and far, far too sensitive to be touched are grade A orgasms. The orgasms my friend says she gets every time somebody touches her in one particular spot (on her back, you pervs) are, if anything, grade F orgasms. Maybe.

And? When used properly, and inflatable but plug is a really neat thing in a cunt, as well. It's the inflate/deflate sensation, not the huge size it gets to, that's really cool.

And I learned how to give a handjob, finally. If you're curious, ask the Boy. He needs to write more anyhow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must have missed something. Please elaborate on the club you mentioned.


8:47 AM  
Blogger Switch said...

The Boy and I (and a friend of ourse) are attempting to setup and run a BDSM group on our University Campus. We made pretty fliers, set up a gmail account, and waited. We had some previous interest from friends of ours, and actually ran a small-scale (30 person) play party towards the end of last school year. We've gotten a bit more interest, and ran our first workshop of the year yesterday (see new post).
The oddest thing about it is the difference between being the newest and possibly least experienced people at MMs, and being the old-hand expert types in our group. It's all a matter of where you're looking from, I suppose.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything is relative, as long as you are safe!!


7:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we do our best - our workshops have ended up including a lot of safety information, just 'cause that's what we feel will do people the most good.

3:52 AM  

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