Saturday, September 09, 2006


Fun for the whole family, it seems. We ran our little workshop, and indeed, it was little. But it was very nice! People came and practiced some basic stuff, I met the new folkes who saw our fliers and e-mailed us, life worked out well. It was alot of fun, if a little disorganized. Today, at some point, we meet and discuss such things as when we will hold our first party.
We are discovering that administrative duties are hard.
BUT! We took a bunch of kids on a fieldtrip to our favorite toy store, and I very nearly bought a steel-boned leather corset, and then didn't because it was almost five hundred dollars and didn't fit quite right, even if it did make my waist little like I were a wasp. We did buy a carriage whip type thing, and our friend bought a cybergoth shirt, and I bought two pair of suspender pantyhose, which were not as nice as I wanted them to be, alas.
The whip, though, is just exactly as nice as I wanted it to be. It is very stingy, which I love, and brings me to calling Yellow in a way that I can accept. Sting, Sting STING STING TOO MUCh and then I call Yellow and it goes away, which is neat. If I got to the point of calling Yellow with something like spanking, the pain'd just stick around and be no fun for anybody.
But I like the whip.
That said: We. Need. To. Scene.
I miss it. I get really excited about it when we plan it at 10:00, and then when we stumble up stairs at 3:00 I'm usually at least somewhat altered, and incredibly tired, and I can't face the hour or more of it, I just want to collapse.
And at the end of the night, after another sort of pseudo-scene and what is invariably really great sex, I still miss it. I miss Domming as well as subbing, but either way sometime in the next... well, tonight. Maybe tomorrow, latest, we need to go up stairs before the fun is over, and make some of our own. I want emotion. I want set up. I want a reallio truelio scene.
All that said, yesterday was a fabulous day, and life is going very well, even if I am all crazy and emotional, and I'm sure everything will be fine forever and ever.
Also, this is the third post since last the Boy even commented. I vote everybody else who reads this writes in and tells him how remiss he's been.


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