Wednesday, September 27, 2006

He Pastures His Flock Among the Lillies...

There is something in the Song of Songs that is sexier than porn, sexier than beautiful movie stars, as sexy as my Master's hand twined in my hair.
"I am my beloved and my beloved is mine"
And I am feeling clean and lovely, and I am not wearing a bra, which is only a rare thing for me yet. I now love the feeling of my breasts moving bellow my tanktop, I love the look of them, unshaped, shapely in the mirror. I am pleased with my collarbones and my long thin arms. Many things, at this moment, are pleasing to me, in a strange, sexy, biblical and lonely sort of way.

So, not actually a BDSM post, but not one I could put in my vanilla LJ, either.


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