Sunday, April 08, 2007

What We Did with S

As mentioned in last post, we stole a trick we learned from Goose and Gander.
But that's the end of the story.
The story starts, as all great stories do, with porn.
A week ago, the Boy and I and some friends were, for no particular reason, watching kinky porn in the basement of our house. The Boy, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, has a truly amazing library of porn (all of it kinky). And, as will happen when you are watching porn, we all got a little bit randy. A while ago we had done a photo shoot with a friend of ours, S, which had turned into a bit of a scene. Last week after hours of porn, we asked her if she might like to come up and play with us again.
She said yes.
It's been a week, so we are having some trouble remember what exactly we did to her, and in what order. It is mostly a happy blur.
I know she showed up a in a charming little sundress printed with little ducks, a thing she had told me was supposed to be a little girl's nightie.
We-ell, I had to discipline her a bit for dressing as though she was dear and sweet and innocent when we all knew so much better. She wound up a little dishevelled. I think she may have been spanked a bit. Or possibly pulled around by her hair. You know. Things happen.
Then we stripped her naked and put her on the bed. And tied her in a ball. Now, S is significantly smaller than either the Boy or I, which means that she is basically a little toy. I am fairly certain we more or less rolled her back and forth for a while. And then we hit her on her bottom with a paintstir (oh, HomeDepot, you are so good to us).
We had been told that actually inserting things into her pussy was offlimits, because her fiance (heh) says that's his territory. So we got out the buttplug. Last time Boy was home in his shop, he made a little round metal ball with a neck and then a ring, the cutest little buttplug you ever did see. So in that went, and she started making the most delicious little noises. We also had her hitachi magic wand going, and the ring on the buttplug that takes the place of a flared base. One can grab this ring very easily, and spin the buttplug. Man, does that get a reaction.
There was another buttplug, and more hitachi magic wand. Through all of this, she was not allowed to cum.
Then we untied her from the ball, and tied her ankles to her wrists, so that her vulva was nice and spread out.
And I took our nipple clamps and put them, ever so gently, on her outer labia. And then I did something with them, but we are having trouble remembering exactly what. I seem to recall attaching them to a string threaded through her nipple clamps and then doing some other nasty thing, but the Boy thinks that the nipplerings and pussy clamps were independantly attached to her toes. For the sake of making us look as wicked as possible, I'll say we threaded a string through the nipple rings and attached the whole shebang to toes on either side. All of this leaving her lovely pink pussy all exposed.

At this point I got a little bit mean.

We inserted the Boy's inflatable butt-plug, and I told her not to scream (this girl can be heared all over the house when she's having fun, so I was asking something difficult of her). I told her if she screamed, the butt-plug would get bigger. Then I took her magic wand and I spread a bit of lube over the end and then I pulled back the skin of her vulva and place the buzzing thing directly on her exposed clitoris.

The butt-plug got quite large quite fast.

The rest of the night was a pleasant haze of making the poor girl scream and then gasp and then scream and then gasp, of putting my mouth on another girl's pussy for the first time in my life, and generally taking away cognitive function as much as possible. Eventually, after well over an hour, I let her cum.

THEN, Boy hog tied her on the floor (hands in front), blind folded her, gave her her wand, and we proceeded to attack each other like a pair of lovers who have spent the night creating their own porn. This is the bit we stole from Goose and Gander (if I could link to the entry, I would, but suffice to say they did it first and probably better). We fucked like cats in heat, and we hear her cries and she hear ours, and we tried to race to see who could keep from cumming, but that didn't last long.

Eventually we stopped shuddering, untied her, and we all cuddled on the bed for a long time and talked about it.

I don't know why this works so well. She's not my best friend, this girl. I've known her for a while, and we haven't always related very well, but sexually, we just connect. I've done scenes with her in public and private now, and they have always been dynamite. In this one thing, I can trust her implicitly: she'll let me know that she's enjoying things, and let me know if she isn't, she'll follow my lead and trust me and is just generally a pretty darn awesome sub. I do things to her I had never imagined, because we build off eachother that well. And then there's Boy. He is always in the background of the scenes the three of us do, taking my lead and doing some playing, but mostly doing the rigging and putting objects in my hands, and as far as I can tell very much enjoying watching. And having him there gives me the performative aspect I love, and just being a fallback thing that I love and know and trust.

We arent' in any sort of relationship, and it's not something I could do every week, but as an occasional joy, it's lovely to have a third that we can play with.

I think there is more to be said here, but I'm not sure what. The shallowest layer is that we did wicked things, made a girl scream like a banshee, got our rocks off something fierce, and had an awesome time. The layers below that all show good things, but they take unpacking for another time.

I'm sure it'll end up here.


Blogger Switch said...

i think the evilstick also made an appearance, though i can't remember where exactly we used it.
hot damn, that was fun. now we need to do wicked things to each other!
also, i think i'm obligated to spank you with a textbook for using "unpacking" in a sex blog, but that's up for debate.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Miriam Green said...

Good times.

And I say, "unpacking" is great in any old blog. Even though packing is, of course, better.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Goose and Gander said...

Ah yes...that was a good trick! Glad we could inspire.

5:43 PM  

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