Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Census Lady

So the Boy and I have been busy, but not so much in the post-able way. More in the midterms job interviews show-going-up-soon sort of way. We did manage to slip away for a few days, which was mostly necessaray because it gave us room to have one of those discussions we have in place of fights, which was a long time coming and made us both feel much better afterwards. What precipitated it, in some ways, was the scene with the Census Lady.
We were doing a scene. We were out in the little cottage we go to sometimes, and the Boy and realized that with proper one could hang somebody from the rafters. The previous night we had made use of that on friends, but I really wanted to go up. So he put me up, and took me down, and as soon as that was getting done there came a knock upon the door. The scene had not reached it's organic end, yet, but it occured to both of us that if it was the caretaker we had better meet him in the hall so he didn't walk into our rope draped living room, so out we went.
It was not the care-taker.
It was a woman from the U.S. Census Beureau.
The little cottage in the woods had been randomly selected to be part of the census.
That's right people, the U.S. Census Beureau interrupted our scene.
I can officially blame the Government for almost everything, including extremely specifically messing up my sex life.

Still, we give thanks. If that scene had continued tolerably well, than the yechy discussion would not have happened and we would not have been able to come out the other side.
On the other side, fun things happen. For instance, I put Boy up into full suspension for the first time ever in my life. It's amazing how going slowly, without a huge crowd of people, and having just a few very important pointers can help. That was lots of fun.

The next night I hog tied him and tied his feet to his hair. The scene wound up awesome, but there was some difficulty in the middle because the idea for the position was his, and so I hadn't given it as much thought as when I think of them on my own. I tried to work around this by asking him about it before I put him in the tie, but we were already sort of in scene, so he went from taciturn to flat out reticent, and my plan more or less failed.
Which meant the position I put him in was less comfortable than it could be, and I of course got frustrated, but I didn't stop, and I'm glad. There was use of an inflatable butt-plug. There was use of this device as punishment/relief, as I desperately tried to remember every infantesimal little thing he had done during the day to punish or reward him for.
Later on, of course, I pegged him.
Whatever I may have said in other posts, the Boy can be loud.

I'm still waiting on the other side of this, though. I've had alot of fun putting him up in the air or down in the mattress, but as readers may have noticed (and I think I've explicitly said) there's been a trend away from equality-of-switching and more towards me domming. It'll be a while till I'm satisified that we've moved back to center, and I'm certainly ready to be dommed. It's hard, because you can't really demand it of somebody and I'm unsure how to inspire it in them. What I want out of a scene is the attention. We lead very busy lives, and had wierd and difficult origins, all of which make scening terribly important. When I'm submitting to him, it should be my time when nobody exists but us, and all his attention, even when difficult to take, is focused on me.
I want real scenes. We forgot that they take work. We need to get back into the habit of clear and careful negotiations, and of planned for and remembered aftercare. And I want it focused on me. But, I know, that has to happen in him. I have faith, mostly, that it will.

Aside from that, between a friend of mine visiting and the theater keeping him busy, there wasn't time for sex yesterday. And the day before that was pegging. And I'm just coming off my period. And, basically, I want sex. I'm leaving in two days and we won't be able to have sex for a week. I want sexsexsex. And also a scene, but one can be forced and still enjoyable (and I really need to word that so it doesn't sound like rape), and the other really can't.

Pictures soon. And a huge mondo up-date post about where we are and what we have and what we're doing now, to mirror a much earlier post of the same nature.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry the comment's taken so long - i always enjoy reading this, but leaving comments is something i'm not yet in the habit of. silly, 'cause by rights i should be the one who comments all the time.
and, in retrospect, so glad we did that full suspension instructional bit; it really helped last night.
also, let it not be forgotten that i topped the hell out of you shortly after this post.
love, and peggings-to-come

11:06 PM  

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