Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The Boy and I will be at the Fetish Flea in Boston this weekend.
See if you can spot us. I know I haven't given you that much to go on, but I sort of like the idea of being looked for, and more of random people walking up to other random people who are not me, and asking if they are.
More likely this will not happen, as it I think most people who both read this blog and would be going to the Flea actually do know me.
In other news, no real scenes as of late. Nothing planned. Some very Dommy/subby sex of various flavors, and we did some very brief, fully clothed suspension, but no scenes. No hitting. No blindfolding. No roleplay.
I am hoping the Flea will inspire us. I would prefer not to be the couple that runs that one little kink club, and talks about kink, and thinks about kink, and are nominally members of that other kink club, but do not, in fact, participate actively in BDSM.
I know we love theory, but I'm really starting to miss the practice.

Ah, well. Either we will find time or we won't, either we'll be inspired by such things as the Boy's new room arangement (floorspace! airspace! playspace?) and the Fetish Flea, or we won't.
I hope we will, but I've learned it's better not to depend on such things.

Anyhow, hope to see you all this weekend!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

can't wait for the Flea.
Also can't wait to tie you up.
damned meetings.

1:03 PM  

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