Friday, December 29, 2006

New Years

Much like last year, I will be seeing the Boy on New Years. Unlike last year, when we went to a nice out door Canadian folkrock concert in Niagara Falls (Canadia side, of course), this year there is a good chance we will be going to a Goth Club.
I've never been there, but the Boy has (I'm visiting him in his home town), and one time he met a nice lady setting up for quite a large fetish show of the variety in which midgets get hung up by hooks in their back. So I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be many problems if I took him in on a leash, and kept him close by my side, perhaps kneeling when I sit, for the whole night. I'm pretty sure if we chose to stay in role all night, that would be just fine, and I think that he's quite beautiful and would look sweet by my side. Well dressed, well behaved boys make very nice accessories for lovely, tall, impressive Ladies like I can be when I try.
And then, because if I've kept him in role all night I shall have to give him some sort of treat, I suppose I will have to take him home and tie him up, perhaps tie his elbows to his knees as he kneels on the bed, and then I shall use toys and fingers to make him whimper (I tend to take this a little farther than is strictly kind, because I love to listen to his whimper getting higher and higher and more and more desperate). And then, if he has remembered to bring my strap-on home -- I seem to recall he did -- I shall peg him, and he can muffle his shouts in the pillows.
I just want to put my hands on his boney, beautiful hips and look down the line of his back, and slowly push on into him. I want that a whole lot.
And I want to do it when I've kept him waiting all night, when he's had to interact with people, with strangers, knowing what's in store. I want him to be so fully my pet that by the time I get home I don't have to hit him, I don't have to talk to him or tease him very much; the scene will have been going on all night. By the time we get home, it will already be nearing it's finish. The entire sexual aspect will be the release (he's not been touched in a week, unless I miss my guess, and will be wanting from the moment that he sees me).
I think that would be nice.
What do you think, Boy?

(Final note: Boy, if the spirit moves you, I would not be averse to being on the other side of this scenario.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think that would be very, very nice. the only correction i'd make is that i've been wanting from the moment i read that post.
mmmm, plans.

(and don't worry... i have plans for you, little one, but they include neither New Year's nor quite as much protocol. pack a change of clothes that you won't mind being destroyed)

10:17 PM  

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