Saturday, December 23, 2006

Time Apart

Last year at this time I wrote a post like this one, but it mattered more. This is the post that says, the Boy and I are mostly apart for the next month, with a visit in a week and cybersex in between. This time last year I was blogging almost weekly, so it mattered to my supposed readership. Now, I only blog about once a month anyway, so who cares?


No scenes for a month?! Un-ac-fucking-ceptable!

Well. We shall simply have to have truly amazing cybersex, and do intense little scenes during our visit. And then more cybersex.

As the Boy has become more comfortable subbing, I have begun to take greater joy in domming. The only downside to this has been that we've moved across the spectrum, and recently I've been dominant far more often than I've been submissive. I worry that I've forgotten how to really let go of control, and I miss it.

I find that what I really need to run a scene is not to plan for it, but to be in the right mood fo it. What the Boy needs is to plan. To remain flexible, as well, but definitely to plan.

And we both need to be able to do scenes when we're relaxed and rested and fed and have a bit of time. Because with the stresses of school, even when he does run a scene I'm not a blank slate, so there have been times I know when he had something great planned and I couldn't get into going the direction he wanted, so we did something else.

Well, no headaches the past two days (I think they might have been tension related?), so maybe, hopefully, when I see him in a week he will have planned and I will be able to bottom and sub without any restrictions on what scene he does, and the bed at the hostel will be stury and have good posts for tying little girls to, and it will be great.

Well. It will be great no matter what.

And who knows? Now that I've got nothing to do but sit around and think about stuff, maybe I'll blog more often, even if I'm not playing. These things happen.

Happy Hollidays, all.
May your bums all be cheery and red.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are still a very odd duck


2:12 PM  

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