Monday, December 04, 2006


So. A bit of background. It's finals and my room is a pit and I've alot of stuff to do that including writing a paper or three and maybe an exam thrown in there as well.
Clearly, this is the perfect time to blog.

So a while back I mentioned the fact that the Boy and I have been edging away from ending scenes with sex. Scenes tend to be self-encapsulated, often followed by sex, but as its own thing rather than the endpoint of the scene itself.
Last night we did it the other way round. Rather than scening without sex, we had seriously kink sex, but without the scene.
We were tired, and I wanted to top him but I had a terrible headache all day and it just didn't seem possible.
And then the headache went away.
I had been teasing him, knowing I was being mean because I couldn't fuck him, and then I realized that actually, I probably could. My teasing was fierce. I pinned him, both on his front and on his back. On his back, I pinned his wrists and lightly bit his offered throat, and ground my pelvis into his. On his front I thrust against his butt, bit his bac and neck and growled into his ear. He writhed a bunch, and made the sweetest little gasping noises.
I didn't use any restraints, because I wanted to be able to move him as I liked, and I wanted to do all of the restraining physically, with my own hands or feet or legs or whatever. I wanted it to be me holding him down, not rope or leather.
The specifics of what I did to him are none of your business, you nasty little things, but thumbs are a good lenght and the prenium is a wonderful (if possibly misspelled) part of the body. I teased him and I teased him and I kept him talking. Telling me about how what I was doing felt, and telling me what he wanted me to do to him, and I made him beg and keep on begging.
And finally I strapped on my cock and let him suck it for a while (because damn, does that boy love to sock my big red dick), and then?
I went back to teasing him. I teased him till he was bucking against my hand and begging, and then I fucked him.
I took him from behind for maybe the first time, and I sort of like the height discrepency. In order to be low enough that I, with my shorter legs, could fuck him, he had to be pretty well pressed into the mattress. That was nice.
But slightly to difficult to really get off, so eventually I ordered him to flip over, and I grabbed his ankles and held them in the air, and I fucked him.
I was careful to make sure my cock was actually moving in and out of him; it's very easy to just push my pelvis against his butt and not get much friction going.
The friction is good. Love the friction.
I fucked him and he writhed and moaned and then he begged me to fuck him deeper.
This has never happened.
I might have maybe lost it alittle.
I let him touch himself and held his ankles and fucked him about as hard as I could (I'm sill learning. This whole thrusting thing isn't as hardwired into my brain as it is for boys.) and I told him to scream when he came.
And he did.
He came for a long time.

Later on he gave me some very enjoyable head. But the highlight of the night was watching him spasm through that orgasm.



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you're turing more poet heehee :)


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