Sunday, October 08, 2006

Play Hard

Three nights. Three in a row, Thursday Friday Saturday. The first night we did some Shibari but I was restless, and I curled over so my back was towards Him and said "hit me". And He hit me. And I said "harder", and He hit harder. And i still wanted harder...
At the end of the night we were happy and amazed, and I thought about it all day. It hurt, and I like it. It hurt, and I knew it hurt and identified it as pain, but for the first time it was really a good thing.
The pain that isn't pain.
The night we tried it again, and hit maybe even harder, Boy says, and I liked that too.
At the party, we tried it again, and we figured it out. I can take a thuddy better than stingy, because the pain is less immediate so I can go farther with it. I like being hit to the rhythm of a song. I like the hitting to increase in intensity, to come and go, and I really liked doing the impact scene at the party where we just took it till I finally couldn't take anymore, and then stopped. And was groggy and fabulous and let down for cuddles and I got a drink and it was just great.
Tonight I'm going to see if the fact that I like alot more pain than I expected means that maybe he likes alot more pain, too.
Finally, I should note this makes me happy. I hadn't known how far we were going to get with the Scene, if niether of us really liked doing anything too intense. It turns out that we should go ahead and try stuff (no, really?). But I guess only when we want to? Because I doubt I'd have been as happy if he'd jut started hitting me really hard, instead of my asking for it before hand.
Well. We'll see. In anycase, it makes me happy, yes indeed it does.

Even if it makes Boy's arms and wrists ache.

P.S. I want brownies. Anybody have any brownies?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

let's hear it for learning and progress. and more hitting!

9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pain is good :) huzzah for masochists (ignore the spelling we all know i can't spell)


5:27 PM  
Blogger Switch said...

actually, i think you got it right...

8:23 PM  

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