Thursday, November 16, 2006

Go Go GloRoMo!

So, the amazing Greydancer has set out a goal for the entire ropebondage community. I believe the figure is 55,000 feet of rope used, as a community, in a month. With little weekly challanges and prizes and all sorts of fun stuff, plus an awesome showcasing of the rope work from amateur to masterful from all over the place.
We just posted our first picture. The stripey legs are mine, the ropework is Boy's, and we plan to get more up with every passing day.
I should point out, though, that "colors" is not a fair weekly category, as it doesn't take any sort of skill, just the money to get the rope. Or the time to photoshop it, which we considered... You'll see what we went with when you go check it out:

Click on the GloRoMo gallery.

Look for my legs (they're on the third page)!
And if you read this and you like rope, contribute, please! And if you read this and you have suggestions for me, either to tie up the Boy or to have him tie me, leave a comment! And if you read this at all, keep an eye on that page, because there will be more pictures of the both of us (and I don't believe any have yet been posted of Boy, anywhere).

In summation: Go, Go, GloRoMo!


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