Saturday, January 06, 2007


I went to his house.
The wonderful scene I described last post didn't happen -- club was closed on New Years, which, in the end, was good.
We celebrated it not by being gothy-fetishy in a way we aren't, ussually, nor by being out at a crappy concert, but by doing something deeply, truly US.
We cooked a really fabulous meal (I cooked, he chopped and tasted and advised and companioned) listening to Flogging Molly, we ate it by a fire, we went up stairs and ripped eachother clothes off and went at it like nigh-nymphos who'd been denied eachother for a week, we wandered out, glowing, to the hill outside his house, and as the wind gusted up and the rain began to fall on this warm warm New Years Eve, we watched five or six fireworks displays in surrounding towns, all at once. Instead of champagne we shared a bottle of our favorite hard cider, and went in when we were too cold to stand it, and the fireworks were mostly done.
Later on that night, having been sated once already, he tied me spread eagled to the bed in the guest wing. Either we had sex or he gave me head or both, but I recall being thoroughly sated and happy to be able to burrow into him again.
I see to recall trying to be silent, and having a hard time with it. But that might have been the next night. At times I crawled on the floor and we played like animals, at times I was servile and at times I was dominant. I cannot now recollect any night in its entirety, but all of them were lovely.

The only real note is the acquisition of smartballs. They are much like the chinese zen balls one has as child, either laquered or chrome, that jingle gently and are to be moved in a circle around eachother in one hand, either always touching or never (I forget). They have the same deep inside jingle, which is some small ball or something moving around. There are two of them, silicone rubber and attached by a tough, flexible bit in the middle, and have a cord for withdrawl:

They are inserted vaginally.

My first impression was, I can't feel them. Then, yes I can. That feels weird. I started out sort of waddling, but soon realized I didn't have to. They vibrate, silently and unpredictably. Sometimes they're moving and sometimes they aren't, but they're always strengthening up your vaginal muscles. They are fun for bouncing, and good when one has the leisure to think sexy thoughts. They are not fun at a club especially one at which you want to jump up and down: although they do not tend to for everyday use, they can fall out. And that sucks. But for wandering the house, doing laundry-with-a-tingle, they should be amazing. And I think that in combination with a judiciously used vibrator, they could be really earthshattering.
I will get a new vibrator and tell you all about it as soon as I can.

(A final note: they can be used in anal play, but as they have no taper they are VERY hard to put in. We had the most fun with one ball in and one pressing against the opening: I begin to see the fun of anal beads, but I think something smaller or jelly is necessary. These were pretty intense, and maybe not entirely good.)

Generally, a wonderful sojourn with the boy, and fun new toy, and nothing more to add for a while. Hopefully there will be a week and half of cybersex before the real stuff resumes again.


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