Saturday, February 03, 2007

Three Posts

This post is at least three different posts. Two specific, one general. Feel free to read one, and then go away, and come back and read the others at other points.

Post # 1 : The Flea

Was awesome. It was so big, and so shiny! I saw people in latex body suits, and there were corseted bossoms as far as the eye could see, and people in full pony-play gear, which I had never seen before, and it was great. Such good people watching. I got my steel-boned corset at Brute Force Leather's room-boutique (it is red and black and beautiful). Boy got an absolutely LOVELY flogger (which we've only recently played with, and I took as much as I could and for once he wasn't hitting as hard as he could, so now we have room to expand, huzzah!) at another room-boutique. The vendors out-side of the main arena were much less mobbed and tended to be a little cheaper, which was great. They also had more time to talk, and so could vend their wares a little better and help you pick out the item that you wanted.
We also bought rope from Twisted Monk, and a suspension ring, and we gave him and Alex little chocolates full of coffee and then Alex gave me a free Rope Slut shirt, which I wear proudly, if not to class.
We met alot of friends and had alot of fun people watching and bought the extortionally expensive hotel food. We stayed at a Motel 6 and watched crappy TV and played a little bit and ate Dominos Pizza because it delivered right to the room. We went to Lee Harrington's hair and face bondage demo, and then we went to Midori's thing on Cathartic v. Catylitic Scenes (interesting, but not overwhelming, I thought).
All in all, we had a great time, and will definitely try to be back in the spring. Possibly we will stay in hotel that's holding it and go to whatever pretty party there is, because we won't be needing to make major purchases this time.
I left with big crushes on Lee Harrington, Midori and Alex. Though I wouldn't want to play with Midori any time soon. That woman scares me.

Post # 2 : The Photo Shoot

So, about as soon as we got back to school, a friend of ours asked the Boy and I to tie her up and take pictures, so that she could send them to her boyfriend for Valentine's Day. What a nice thought. Obviously, we agreed immediately.
We talked alot about it and came up with alot of ideas and few plans. We tied her up in gorgeous, gorgeous ways, and she brought along her Hitachi Magic Wand. So, as we rather predicted, at some point photoshoot and scene ran into one another, and we teased her and I forbid her orgasm for half an hour or more, and then allowed her orgasm, and then didn't take the vibrator away and forbid it again, and then allowed it, and then didn't take the vibrator and forbid it again, and then allowed it.
After the second time I asked her, "If you were me, and you had a sexy girl tied down like this, would you stop now or would you go for three?" And she said she'd go for three, and I thought that is what I would do too, so I did it.
That third orgasm was amazing.
The whole thing was amazing. The first time I'd brought someone two orgasm with another person in the room. The first time I'd done a scene with anybody other than the Boy that ended in orgasm. It felt like I'd put a huge wall up, and then casually walked around it without hardly even noticing. It felt good the whole way through, and I think that that's good. Planning is the eternal enemy: I can do, I will do and I want to do, but the more I think about doing the harder it seems to be.
Nike apparently got it right.
The bastards.

P.S. We hope to have her sign a limited model release form, and I would love to post some of the more anonymous and less graphically pornographic shots. It was lovely to do the shoot, and we both saw a possible, eutopian future for ourselves doing things like this forever and ever.

Post # 3 : Everything Else

Is also going very well. We have new toys and are doing more playing. It nolonger feels like it's been forever since we scened, and I know that I, especially, am much more feeling like I've got more scenes in me. I am getting back into the love of rope, which makes me happy, and I am feeling my Dominant side come out, and feeling like I have the energy to submit to more complicated scenes in which I am submissive. So, really, it all seems good. We are both very busy this semester, but I think we'll find time to play and time to be together, and niether of us will die of stress.
I am feeling reciprocity alot these days. I feel like we are both so much better off for having eachother. He helps me, I help him. We both have the exta energy to help the other, but might not have had the energy to go our ways alone.

This is good.

So, a much happier post than last time. And tonight is the party, and there will be playing, and then I come home and dress up as a Bond girl for another party tonight.

For today, all is going quite well.


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