Sunday, March 04, 2007

Um. More suspension, actually.

It looks like we're kind of turning into a one-trick-pony.
But oh, man, it's such an awesome trick.
I put boy into partial suspension for the second time. I actually didn't do a very good job of it: not enough rope on the orgional chest harness, so it was uncomfortable the whole time. The best part was that this time I lifted his other leg so that he was fully in the air. I just held it in my arms, and slowly walked in a circle, spinning him.
This was at a play part, and by the time I had him all the way up we were litterally surrounded. HUGE crowd of people.
I think that girls doing rope is sort of a rarity, and girls doing rope on boys is even more so. Plus we are probably the youngest couple in that set by maybe a decade (a few of them were happily chatting away about their our-age kids), and I flatter myself and Boy to say that we are both relatively attractive. On top of that, I'm an attention whore. If people choose to look at me, especially when I'm domming, I do my best to give them something to look at.
So we tend to attract a bit of attention when we play, but this time was ridiculous.
When I took him down I got lots of comments and congratulations. Which was nice-ish, but I really hadn't done a fabulous job, so it felt a little wierd.
Oh, well. He and other ropetops there gave me alot of helpful advice, so with luck the third time will be the charm.

He put me up once that night, as well.
It was a face-up suspension, but something about it meant that unless my head was being supported, I was very uncomfortable. So ou beautiful TV friend came by and held my head for me during the scene, while the Boy took an evil stick to my feet and a paddle to my bottom. It was really really intense: having someone hold my head immediately sent me deep into subspace. It makes me feel taken care off and safe, but the knowledge remained that if she hadn't been there I would have been vulnerable and aching. That feeling combined with the Boy's ministrations made for an incredibly intense scene that I still have't quite figured out.

When I came down I was wobbly and had to sit down, and then discovered I couldn't get up again for quite a while.
So I talked about dentists with various folks, and it was lovely, and eventually I came down.
It's funny how long the lag was between when he took me down and when I finally got back to earth.

We drove home refreshed and happy, and ate MacDonalds, which will kill you dead but is very tasty on rare occasions, and watched the best porn EVER, with a charming Brittish Dom doing horrible things to a little Asian sub, and then to top it off we had amazing sex.
I stumbled up to my bed at 5:00 AM, very pleased with the events of the night.

Soon pictures, and a post about something other than suspension.

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Anonymous Is_Deirinn_Me said...

I love my friends... me next?

9:28 PM  
Blogger Miriam Green said...

I really never get tired reading about suspensions, actually.

I've set a goal for myself to start doing them after Shibaricon; I'm looking forward to that very much. In the mean time, I'm living vicariously, so hope you'll keep with the suspension posts.

8:21 AM  

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