Sunday, March 25, 2007

Now with a soundtrack!

Let me just say, in case I somehow failed to, I LOVE our kinky friends.
Last night Boy and I reunited after a week apart. We'd left eachother on a fabulous note, and we returned to eachother on a pretty good one, as well. A bit of low-level grumpiness, but nothing a quickie couldn't fix. And as soon as that was done, it was off to spend time with our fabulous kinky group.
Everytime we walk out the door just as our college friends are settling down to a night of drinking, smoking and hilarity, I wonder if it's the right thing to do. It always, always is.
Highlights of the night:
We learned florentine flogging! Boy knows enough about poi from firespinning that he picked it up almost immediately. It took me much longer, and I definitely need to get in a lot of practice, but I got the hang of it in the end. It is SO much fun. For me, though this may be just because it's new, it's alot more enjoyable to do than normal flogging. I really like having both hands involved. Really alot. I also qutie enjoy the faster, double-beat sensation of being flogged like that.
We also learned alot about sensual boot blacking. I've been doing Boy's boots for a few months now, but I didn't know much more than how to polish them, which does not a scene make. I didnt know, for instance, about washing them first. DUH! And Boy's boots tend to need it, friends. What's more, if you get a buffing brush and some wax, though, you can do coat after coat. Also, there's no reason not to use your hands, which makes it much more sensual, both for the bootblack and the booted. So that will be experimented with more fully soon.
And I did a, um, suspension demo. I didn't know I was doing a demo. I just wanted to suspend him properly, because last time I did it at the group the job was abominable. But then the lovely Dominant lady who was organizing the get-together proclaimed loudly that there would be a rope demo, and that was that. With a better knowledge of how to do it, excellent advice and two strong men (thanks guys!) to hold him up during the process, I got Boy into the air in record time, and from then on it was funsville. He tells me he was into subspace deeper and faster than almost ever before. We discovered, or I suppose reinforced, that we both love, as submissives, to have the dominant's hand on our throat. Not hard enough to cut off or even restrict breathing, but there. That came into play alot. And a few lovely ladies had fun with ice and tickling and, one of them being a single-tail enthusiast, scaring the shit out of him without actually hardly touching him.
The best part of all of this was that, at said get-together, there was live music, in the form of a lovely gentleman (and sometimes our lovely TV friend) with guitars. And as I put him up, he played the tune of "Free Falling", but the words were all his own. They included something along the lines of "She's a good girl, but she'd better not drop him".

At other points in the night, Boy and I recieved foot-soaks and massages, sitting side by side on a couch like a couple's day at a spa, I got my eyebrows waxed, and Boy florentined me within an inch of my life as "Amy" played in the background and everybody sang. Well, I didn't sing. Or Boy. But everybody else did.

We smoked with a few folks, enjoyed their company and hillarity, talked about the group we run and how to make sure the NextGen is as communicative, inclusive, educational and all-around fabulous as the last one is.

It was an excellent and educational night. We left late and happy, having learned and talked and played and smoked and spent a bit of time with this group of peoplel that, nearly a year ago, opened their arms to us as total with little in the way of knowledge in the scene and less in the way of skills. We have learned, and taught, and will continue to do both.

And we will never forget the people who first taught us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amy... so that's what it was. I was listening to the whimpers.
also? suspension? comfy suspension? amazing. really fun and really like flying, in both senses of the word. in a word, awesome.

1:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny...the part that stuck out in my head was "dueling banjos", aka the theme to "Deliverance" :-)

~the bootgirl

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I enjoyed watching was Switch singing "Sweet Home Alabama" with a big grin on her face!

Btw, Sir SnF is was pretty darn excited that boy knows firespinning... next step, fire FLOGGING!

-the girl that the lovely gentleman guitar player flogged

9:41 PM  

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