Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Wages of Bingo is Canes

I don't care if that's not how the phrase goes, that's how it happened.
About a week ago the Boy wrote an entry that never got posted, a private little note to me about his sadness at the lack of sceneing in our lives (due to the previously mentioned time constraints). He said he missed hurting me, the doll.
Well, he got his chance.
At the munch, during kinky bingo, I got bingo first. Among snap-crotch leather shorts, two boxes of needles, various pieces of 'bling' (that's beaded necklaces to all you cretins who think bling only refers to diamond studded gold medalions or over sized rings and such), stuffed tiger and and evil stick, there were two canes, a thin one and a thicker bamboo one.
I'm not stupid, but I do like to try new things: so I chose the thicker one.

Last night the Boy tied me to my bed (remember when we used to play in my room, with all the eyehooks and such?). He tied my knees apart, and then put me in a chest harness and tied it to the frame over the bed, so that my weight was taken partly by the rope and partly by my arms.
Then he caned me. He'd never done it before. I'd never had it done before. It hurt, it was intense, it was amazing. He started light and got harder, and stopped several times, convinced he must be hitting harder than I liked. He wasn't. Eventually, after much longer than I think either of us expected, I did call yellow. He played with me at the edge of too much for a while, and I went pretty far into subspace, hugely enjoying the depth of the sensation and the care that my Master was taking in giving me the punishment.
When he untied me, we lay around and giggled.
And that's what was most remarkable: it felt like we'd just had sex. It was post-orgasmic, lying around and cuddling and chatting, but there hadn't been any orgasm. Just a scene that was intense for both of us, new and different and deep, that left us happy and breathless and slow to come back to earth.
It was pretty bloody lovely.

That said: I have not forgiven him for using my cane before I got to, and I have a feeling I will need to take it out of his hide with, natch, the very same.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

as nervous as i may be about that last bit, all i can say is it was worth it.

1:50 AM  

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