Sunday, April 15, 2007

Since Last Post...

We got the time.
And we did some scenes, of course.
He topped me at least twice, in fun ways. One of them involved stealth caning! We had never done caning before, and he was very careful to make sure I was doing ok. It hurt, but he had set me up pretty well gone in subspace, so I liked that it hurt, and it was all very nice indeed.
A different night, I topped him, a lovely little thing that was slated to involve pegging, only to hit a snag when we discovered my strap-on harness needed to be washed. No Problemo! Rigger-Switch can make herself a harness out of rope! (Thanks, Lee Harrington!) It was pretty neat, to do some on-the-spot rope work, all by myself, quick and effective, and then get to screw the Boy senseless.

At the last meeting of our little university group the third member of our triumverate, M, did the talking. He went over kinesthetic theory and the language of touch. How to pay attention to somebody, in a scene or a massage or both or anything, and know when they appreciate how you're touching them. How to be sensitive and still confidant in how your body interacts with somebody elses. How to inspire trust by gentleness, which you can then use to take your bottom farther into pain and subspace than either of you expected.
So the Boy and I have been playing around with that. We are remembering to communicate as much as possible. We are back into regularly negotiating scenes, either immediately before or just as archetypes and ideas for the future, and we are doing a much better job of going over them after.
And remembering to cuddle. That's paramount.

And today we went to the Munch. And brought a friend. That was nice. She had a good time, and liked everybody she met. And they liked her, of course, because she's pretty and spunky and loves rope and has the rack of Doom and Justice (no. really.)
Like wolves to a kill, they will swarm around her.
But she's a tough cookie, she knows what she wants, she'll be fine. She'll be better than fine, if she sticks with the group and it interacts with her the way it's interacted with us. If she sticks with them and they stay the same, she'll be golden.

(Please, kinksters, read that as I meant it, not as your twisted little minds can pervert it.)

So, that's about it. We are doing better. I knew we would, but it takes time to let that sink in. Boy made a comment, as we talked about our relationship and the future and such. Something he'd heard in a play. Essentially, if you're making eachother miserable and you still want to be together, then you know you're doing well.
And even when we're miserable, with life or eachother, it seems that what we want is to be happy together, never not to be together. So hoorah for that!

P.S. We love the group.

P.P.S. We are planning campus wide guerilla suspensions as soon as the weather gets warm enough. We intend to tell Public Safety that we're doing performance art.

P.P.P.S. 4-26 = one year since the Boy and I gave up and made it official. Any kinky ideas for how we should celebrate our prolonged failure to not be in a relationship?


Blogger Miriam Green said...


My girl made herself a rope harness at the last Rope SIG I went to. I was in the middle of learning a CBT trick when my bottom said, "Turn around." I looked, and suddenly my girl was surrounded by ten fascinated men staring at the cock she'd just rigged on herself.

It was awesome. ;-)

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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