Saturday, April 28, 2007


So we have this little club right?
And most weeks we send out e-mails to remind everybody that it's happening and let 'em know what we'll be talking about, but this week we didn't.

Wait. I rewind.
To a week ago or so, when the Boy put the hard point up in the attic. There's a suspension point in the attic, now, weight bearing and with the hardware so that you can spin your victem (I'm sorry, bottom). And mattresses on the floor and room enough to walk around. It's lovely.

Right. So. This week we didn't send out an e-mail, but we told all the members we saw. I meant to send out an e-mail, but I'm busy these days. So in the end, it was myself, Boy, the other fellow who runs it, and two of our best friends, a playing couple whom I shall call Dragon and Jugs. Jugs reads this, and I fully expect her to come and hit me alot with her little fists when she figures out her nickname, but what can I do? It's apt and I need to differentiate my friends without exposing them.
Besides, she's subtacular, so I'll think I'll survive intact.

Anyhow, it was the five of us, in a room full of mattresses in the attic. We hung up Dragon, which was awesome. Boy and I got to rig a suspension together, instead of one on the other. We haven't lost our knack: indeed, we appear to be improving! Despite being a very different hight-weight ratio from either of us (he is perhaps 5'9'', an broad-set. Not even pudgy, in fact rather muscular, just not bone-skinny like Boy), we got him up quickly and comfortably, and he spun and twisted for quite a while before we let him down. We also played with knotwork, Dragon tied Jugs up interestingly, we discussed Kink as a sexual orientation and decided that we think that rather than being one, it transcends them, and we ordered pizza and ate it and smoked.
Also M gave me an awesome backrub, and there was much wrestling.

It was just awesome. It reminded me of Goose and Gander and their little kinky circle of friends, who play together light and more heavily in pairs (Dragon and Jugs are a playing pair: not dating, but well nigh exclusive when it comes to nonsexual BDSM. Romantically, Jugs has a boyfriend whom she loves, but when it comes to the scene, Dragon's her dude. Complicated but comfortable.)It was good and amazingly comfortable and fun, and we talked more and were more interactive than ever before.

Boy and I cuddled and shared a bed that night, and got up this morning and he bought me breakfast and then we went on a series of very fun totally unnecessary errands, drinking in all the things we love about the place we live. Hanging out later, he snapped together a few of the old clothespins I'd made into a poem-sculpture sometime last year: HIS ECSTASY IS HER.

It was lovely. We had a lovely day. And a lovely night together the night before, with some non-school friends. I think we are discovering a joint love of martial arts movies.

By they by, we celebrated our anniversary. This is how we did it: we stayed up too late working on papers, and then I was really tired and grumpy and didn't want to celebrate at all, but once I was out of paper-mode I calmed down and Boy bought me a card that is perfect (la chat gourmand, I mean really) and a surprize bottle of Asti, and we drank and smoked and it was really late, just like it was when we got together. We said it was a pity, it would have been absolutely perfect if only we'd had time to have sex. But we didn't have time we didn't have time we... had sex. Great, awesome, amazing, deep, wonderful sex. It was wonderful.

So tonight I am a sleepy Switch, hiding from people and taking some alone time, but Boy and I are fabulous, even if we both have more work than is in any way reasonable.
In two weeks it'll be over, one way or the other.
And outside of work and school, in the parts of life that are actually important, things are great.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


it's been a good year of us, and a good much-more-than-year of whatever else you want to call it. and the sex (and everything else) just seems to be getting better and better... it's pretty awesome.

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