Friday, June 22, 2007

Folsom East, Etc.

I just sent Boy out to get cash to pay for pizza. All last year we would eat pizza with the kids in our little kink group after we'd talked or tied or whatever we were doing that Friday. So Boy and I are used to gettin' our pizza fix on Fridays. It's a nice tradition.
Last weekend was Folsom Street East, a New York leather event. We went to see what it was like, get our fix of kink society and generally scope the scene. We saw a lot of bears, an otter or two, some an amazing pair of gladiatorial lesbians, a drag queen or two, boys in collars, men in leather pants, etc. It was much more gay-oriented than the Fetish Flea, but it was also much smaller and we did see some het couples. We were one, in fact.
And we were the one with the rope.
I always forget how much a niche rope still is. We got into it as early as we got into kink, and we hold it dear to our hearts. Boy is a rigger in the theatrical sense as well as the kink sense, and I work hard to be a capable rigger as well, partly because too few girls are. I wore my Rope Slut tank down there, and we brought several hanks of hemp. Having wandered the length of it and back, I brought it out. I intended to do a very simple tie, putting Boy's hands behind his back and wrapping to a chest harness. But we just had so darn much rope with us, it didn't stay simple very long.
Most of the people wandering with cameras stopped us for pictures. Some of them we won't see unless we search the web for them, but some of them are up here:

Can you spot the Switch?

It was fun, and very hot, and we paid three dollars for water and rubbed shoulders with more beefcake than you could shake a huge, throbbing stick at.

We have also scened since then. Yes, I tied Boy over his own improvised spanking bench, and yes, I caned him till his bottom was bruised and tortured him with an inflatable but plug and made him cum all over himself (he got it in his beard!). But that's not what I'm here to talk about.
I'm here to talk about Alice. And the restaurant...
No. I'm not here to talk about that either.
I'm here to talk about the night before last. Night before last Boy tied me up. I did a bit of yoga first and we lit candles and we made it nice and calm and mood-y. The plan was for him to tie me into yoga positions, but until I'm better at yoga or he's better at tying on the fly, that's impossible. Still, it did get me very relaxed for when he started tying.
And tying.
And tying, slowly and deliberatly. Just a basic chest harness, and my ankles in a two column, and later a two column on my knees. But I was relaxed to start with, and he was so intent, letting me feel the rope so much, that I just left. I lost track of time. I didn't know what was going on. I knew he was touching me, but I can't for the life of me remember how. When I came out of it, it was like waking up when you hadn't realized you were sleeping. Apparently I was only gone 15 or 20 minutes, but once I came out of it, it was time for me to be untied. It took me a while to get used to having a body again. Freedom was strange.
I felt sort of floaty all night.
I've never been that far gone before, I don't think. Maybe when suspended, but that's a different thing: because of your weight on it, the rope focuses you much more, you're much more aware of it. This was just plain old every day shibari, done with such perfect skill and such well tuned feelings that it sent me sailing.
Yet another benchmark in our fabulous kinky journey.

(P.S. Comment if you want to see pictures of me in said ecstatic bondage)


Anonymous Devani said...

Oh, I finally get to spot the Switch!! You look so...harmless LOL. How fabulously deceptive of you ;P

And do you really need to ask if we want more pics?!!? Post them already, you tease!

5:00 PM  

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