Saturday, August 23, 2008

Settling In

Hallo. Been gone a while, haven't I?
Well, there were adventures involved, and oh, they were daring. There was a u-haul! There were boxes! And more boxes! And job searches! And the beach!
We are now mostly settled in to a lovely little apartment in Providence, RI. I have a kitchen and Boy has a workshop (Kind of. He has a desk and a lathe, should he start using it, and it feels rather work-shop-y). We have a living room and a dining room and a bedroom a piece.
I have two (count them, two!) jobs working with children. Boy will probably be working with theater or cars or both, or maybe something else entirely.
I have a lot of posts in my head, both for this and for my other, entirely non-kinky blog that is entirely about food, currently called Basil on the Terrace. This is a misnomer from last summer, when I actually had a terrace on which to grow my basil. It is now in a pot by the kitchen window, and I will have to find a new name for the blog. One way or the other, check it out: but only if you are looking for a few recipes and some little essays about tiny daily pleasures or tribulations in life, all food-related.
More posts soon, about Boy and sex and such. But for now, I am back.


Anonymous Dov said...

Awesome figured the move was taking your time when I didn't see you guys at FW.

P.S. the steel darling hasn't left my pocket since you gave it to me and its been amazingly useful ;-)

7:56 PM  

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