Thursday, June 12, 2008

What is the Mecca of Kinksters?

I'd wager it depends on how old you are, and what it is you're interested in, specifically. If you were, say, a 60 something gay man into leather and serious hierarchical D/s, your kinky Mecca would probably be San Francisco. If you were, say, a 40 year old heterosexual submissive woman from Maine, New York might be more your speed. 

And if you were one half of a pair of twenty-something bisexual switches who are rather into rope and puppy play and pegging and corsets and some other stuff, too, well, you might just head to Seattle. 

Seattle is home to Twisted Monk, the biggest (and hottest) purveyor of bondage rope this side of anywhere. It is home to the Center for Sex Positive Culture, which pretty much sets Boy and I agape every time we check out its home page. It is home to polyamory and femdom and people who fuck around with their gender and people hold to no consistent dynamic or even sexual orientation. People kinda like us. 

Tomorrow Boy and I set out for Seattle, a place we might someday like to call home. We will stay with friends (one of whom has shown up on this blog before, and we hope will again), we will see this ex-WetSpot with our own eyes, we will eat fish and see mountains and even visit Portland. We are very excited. 

Again: If you've got advice, give it, please! If you're there and you happen to read this and you might like to show us around, let us know, please! Either here or at


Blogger figleaf said...

Rule #1 for this year anyway: pack for potentially very chilly weather (40 degrees at night, maybe only 60s during the day.) Also, in case it does get sunny, bring sunblock and sunglasses since when it *is* sunny it's intense.

CSPC is still pretty much the same old wet spot (I'm pretty sure you can still choose what you want your membership card to say.) And the people there really are great.

Enjoy your visit.


4:38 PM  
Anonymous Dov said...

Hugs! good traveling you two ;-)

8:09 AM  
Blogger Goose said...

musashi sushi on 45th. can't be beat.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous SJ said...

You've done more in one post to convince me to move to the Pacific Northwest than a friend of mine has managed to do in six months of talking to me about how beautiful damp forests can be, and how 65 and drizzling is actually the perfect weather.

5:05 PM  

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