Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Late Already

And utterly uninspired. I hope to become inspired later on this day. I really do.

For now, a spot of poetry, which is apparently more my mind's speed right now:

Here's to the grass in the cracks in the concrete
Here's to the moss in the spots between bricks
Here's to the world that is tougher than we are
And the life that that keeps on
And unbeatable ranks of weed upon weed
Here's to cattails sprouting in ditches by roadsides
And algae in fountains
And mushrooms in lawns
And here's to the grass in the cracks in the concrete
And the stuff that will be here when,
We are gone.

That's where my head is right now. Also on my aching back, and it's own fuzziness.


Anonymous Dov said...

Catching up ;-)

2:42 AM  

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