Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Crash, Rebuild, Repeat

A friend of mine -- lovely boy, long hair, scruffy beard, skinny body, you know the type -- just IMed me with the sad observation that The Daring Adventures of Switch and Boy seems too have stopped updating.
Generally I would snipe at him to get off his metaphorical butt and update it with some of his thoughts, but today I am procrastinating anyway, so here I am.

I have no idea what all has happened since last I posted. I have crashed and burned a lot of times. We are both less than a month away from handing in writing projects larger than anything either of us has done before, and we are handling this somewhat differently. Boy slid into a slow depressed malaise and simply did not work on his for months, but he is correcting for that now. Luckily, his is not much more than a third of the length of mine (he did a big practical portion in the fall) so he can catch up without much trouble. I have been working more or less consistently, and getting progressively more stressed out, and then exploding in terribly dramatic ways that nobody but Boy really gets to see. He's very lucky like that.

Kink in our lives kinda sorta ground to a halt. I hate to say it, but I haven't had the energy. Not the physical energy, though that is a part of it, but -- and I hate to say this even more -- the mental energy. Like, all of my brain power and interest slots are taken up by the writing project and the emotional sponge gig and worry about the future... if my hobby was building model trains instead of having weirdo sex, I'm sure my trains would be collecting dust in the basement. As it is, I just feel pretty far removed from kink.

But: Boy and I had exceptional sex last night, and we have been picking up old habits from the very, very beginning of our relationship. Like making out, and starting sexual activity with our clothes still on, and giving back rubs that take a while, and generally just slowing the hell down in our headlong rush towards orgasm and enjoying the scenery a bit.
And he tied me up recently, and it was not sex or a scene, and it was nice. And I want to do the same for him, because the only thing I really really really miss most of all all the time is suspension, and that takes skill and practice. So I will practice, and let him practice, because I miss it so much.

Today is nasty and rainy and I wish I had more things to say about sex and kink, because that would mean they were more a part of my life right now, but as it is, they aren't. I need to work.



Blogger Switch said...

we're still having daring adventures, they're just more in the realm of pen & paper. or keyboard and scowling advisor. hmm... advisor/tardy student roleplay... too close to home? too close to home.
here's to practicing, so that we can have the skills to do what we want to when we've got the time and energy. and, as always, love.

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Dov said...

All Good, no rush life will happen when it does. and well its always happening ;-))

6:20 PM  
Blogger Goose said...

It comes and goes. Lord knows, I know. Don't worry about the wave. It will wash back over you.

8:35 PM  

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